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Virtual Release Party: Book Links


Here are all the live links for the book!

Buy on Createspace:

Buy for Kindle

Buy on Smashwords

Buy at Barnes & Noble

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic is coming soon to Kobo and other online ebook sellers!

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The Lustre is Up on Kobo!

It took a bit because Smashwords ran out of free ISBNs and their paid ones were $9. They even discouraged customers from buying them! What’s that about? Anyway, KOBO has it now in case you were waiting!

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Shameless in Seattle: Begging Part II

This worked so well for me last time, I’m going to beg you again. You seem to like it, you sadists!

Please, please, please, please, please, buy my book, review my book on Amazon or wherever you bought it or didn’t buy it, like my book everywhere, and share my posts with your Facebook friends so they will also buy my book! I really want this book to succeed so I can pay Kathleen to edit How To Win Friends and Influence Magicians! You’ll really like this one and it is ALMOST DONE!

I know! I appear to be a Fiction Writing Monster with Mad Speed-Fiction Skills! Unfortunately I don’t have Mad Disposable Income Skills.

So to be really codependent with my compulsive fiction writing, please hook me up at these fine locations:

Thank you!

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The Dark Song by Piia Brendenburg

The Dark Song

by Piia Brendenberg

India, a struggling musician, buys the house of her dreams in the countryside, knowing that this is where she’ll find her lost inspiration. But the house is already inhabited by strange creatures who disappear when you look at them, and the townsfolk refuse to put one foot inside the cursed place. Turns out inspiration can be a dangerous thing.

See my new review on Compulsively Writing Reviews!

Or just go buy it. It’s definitely worth it! The Dark Song on Amazon, The Dark Song on Smashwords 

Also, you can see her page!

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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Special!

I have set up a coupon on CreateSpace and Smashwords for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and heck! Why not the whole weekend? November 25-28th you can get my ebook for FREE and my print book at cost.  Stay tuned for my post of the coupon codes on the 25th!

And here is an excellent list of reasons I found on the Tag Surfer on why you should publish an ebook:

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New Book! Plus, a major edit for TDP

I wrote a new book! I’m just full of ideas this weekend! I’ve compiled all of the information on my blog and organized it into a free ebook guide to self-publishing based on my experiences! This is free and now available on Smashwords. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ve seen most of it, but if you haven’t this is a great way to catch up, or just make sense of it all. Here is the link:

Proper blog documentation coming!

Also! Kathryn, my editor for The Disenchanted Pet, has given me a wonderful follow-up edit of my book, which I’ve just uploaded to CreateSpace, Kindle, and Smashwords. I’m sorry, I can’t change your print books, but the ebooks are all updated for free. Most of the edit, though, is word order with some minor changes that don’t much affect the story. Also, I put a period at the end just for you, Donna!

The Disenchanted Pet

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Premium Distribution on Smashwords!

It’s a small achievement, but I finally tweaked my ebook version to qualify for premium distribution on Smashwords! As I’ve said before, they have a great formatting guide and have a lot of good advice and tips about good ebooks. Lets see if this increases my sales, as they claim it will…

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More Advice That Is Priceless and Free

Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords and owner of Dovetail Public Relations has a free ebook on marketing for self-published authors. Surprisingly, it is called Smashwords Book Marketing Guide. Go figure!

Definitely, this is an excellent read  full of meaty, juice information for po’ little authors like me.

He pointed out an important fact: Your webpage shows up in searches based on its links to other sites and other sites’ links to it, as well as how many people travel there. One big goal is to increase traffic and therefore increase visibility in an exponential way.

Here is my new list of things to do after reading his guide:

  1. Update my email signature to include my web addresses (His reasoning is that we all send lots of emails and replies and should use that to our advantage. He suggests your blog site, any sites where your book is sold, and a webpage if you have one.)
  2. Add the community pages I use to include my web addresses
  3. Updste myTtwitter profile to include my web addresses
  4. Update my Smashwords profile to include my Twitter address (There is a special list on Smashwords of Twitter users with increased visibility)
  5. Write a press release (Scary!)
  6. Participate in HARO (Help a Reporter Online) with my particular expertise (Aliens in the future…yeah…)
  7. Hold a limited coupon promotion on one or more sites: on Smashwords (garnered 200 buys in his example), on the blog, on, or other promotion sites.
  8. Include the promotion on these sites (good links!) , , , , ,

Thank you, Mark for your fabulous advice, since I can’t use your promotion services! I’m passing it on because marketing tips to authors (poor) should be free!

Oh. Now I have to DO all these. Gah!

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Learning from Smashwords

I just published through Smashwords and I love their style guide! Even if you aren’t planning on publishing through them, I’d recommend going through this guide if you plan on publishing ebooks. (Once I’m sure I have it right through Smashwords, I’m going to update my Kindle book with my Smashwords submission.) The guide is full of great tips about what makes a good ebook and why, so you don’t feel like you’re beating up your manuscript for nothing. It looks so professional and cool when you’re done! It’s like a detailing job for your ebook. Good stuff!

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The Disenchanted Pet Is Available on Smashwords!

I just posted The Disenchanted Pet on Smashwords for all your ebook needs!

My link takes you to copies for nearly any ebook reader you could use, including PC and web format. Good stuff!

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