CWF 2011 & 2012 on Self-publishing


Compulsively Writing More Fiction 2012

My Experiences After the First Book

By Kate Policani

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Kate Policani has compiled and reorganized the useful blog posts she wrote in 2012. Kate writes her blog to promote her Self-published books and to journal her path through Self-publishing. Her experiences can help you to achieve your dream of publishing your book, whether you choose to self-publish, publish traditionally, or just write for your own enjoyment. Kate Policani is a homemaker and compulsive writer from Seattle who writes Fantasy and Science Fiction, and the Seattle Writing Examiner column.

Compulsively Writing  Fiction:

My experiences in Self-publishing in 2011

by Kate Policani

This is a FREE ebook


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I began my self-publishing journey in 2011, writing my first novel and working through the processes of publishing myself on CreateSpace and other publishers. This free ebook is the compilation of my experiences and discoveries from my blog. I have reorganized them and added some clarification to make a comprehensive view of and instruction for self publishing in this, the rise of the digital book movement.
This book is crafted to help all of you new self-publishers to live your dream and publish your book!


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