Book #3 is Inspiring Childhood, Inspiring Life.

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List of Upcoming Reviews Page

ImageI’ve started a page on my review site just to list my upcoming reviews! 


I’ll update it whenever I get a few new books in or finish some.

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More stuff to make your writing great!

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Is this making your book fail?

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Had to share this one! Thanks Novel Girl! http://rebeccaberto.com/



I’ve christened May the How To Sell Self-Published Books Month here on Catherine, Caffeinated, but before we get into the nuts and bolts of marketing and promoting your book, we need to have a little tough love session first.

At my most recent workshop I started off by saying to the participants that my aim for the day was to send them home with everything I wished I’d known before I started self-publishing, or in other words everything I had to learn on the job because when I started self-publishing, I didn’t have a clue. And yet clueless and all that I was, I was operating with a huge advantage: realism. Because I’d spent a good decade of my young life poring over every How To Format a Manuscript for Submission To Within an Inch of Its Life Because, Yeah, That’s What’s Going to Be the Deciding Factor (Not!)

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For my friends who are unsure, here’s a lady who knows both sides!

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Here is a post by the talented Tahlia Newland about the different types of independently published books. What category are you in?

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