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The Disenchanted Pet refreshed

TDP cover new b

I’ve done a deep edit on The Disenchanted Pet and another pass with Kathleen, my editor. If you’ve purchased the Kindle file, it should automatically upload the new version. If you purchased the paperback, you now have a limited edition!

The print book gets an upgrade next!

The last time I checked, Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, WA still has some copies of the old book with the old (award-winningly ugly) cover. If you like limited editions, this is your chance to get one.

If you don’t have it, you’re missing one of my most popular books.

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Examiner article: Writing careers beyond the book

Please read my latest Examiner article to see all the many ways writers can earn money with their writing in addition to their books:

I would very much appreciate it if you would subscribe to my column! It’s free and it helps promote my articles.

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Self-publishing : What an author should and shouldn’t do

Self-publishing : What an author should and shouldn’t do.

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Bumppity Bump!

Due to the craziness of life, my dear editor, Kathleen has asked me to allow her more time to do the job she does so well. Since I understand completely about crazy life and also want her to do the job, I’m going to wait.

Unfortunately that means you have to wait too. Sorry! The release date for my upcoming book has been bumped. As soon as I know when that will be, I’ll be sure to post it.

I still need a title, though, so be sure to vote!

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Happy February!

This is a big month for me!

Today The Lustre begins the editing phase! I am using a different editor this time mainly because she was my original choice for editor but was moving to California at the time and so passed me on to Kathryn who edited The Disenchanted Pet.

In addition to my exciting book news, I will be turning 29 (again) this month. For my birthday present to myself I will be combing through my followers list again to buy some more of your books! (I also might buy a new purse, but I’m not sure.) I will buy books from my blog followers I haven’t bought from before with the intention of reviewing them on Compulsively Writing Reviews. I will have a budget. If your book is more expensive, I have to bump it to the bottom of my list because I want to be able to buy more than 2 ebooks. If your book is on the expensive side and you miss out, I will still trade you a copy of The Disenchanted Pet or The Lustre for review!

I’ll also join a new blog tour group, Tribute Books, with my review of The Priest and the Peaches on February 10th!

Now I have to decide when to release The Lustre…. I think you’ll be seeing some posts soon on how to release a book the right way! Anybody have any suggestions for articles online? Post your links in the comments!

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An Editor is a MUST!

Yes, you are professional, creative, and an exceptional grammarian, but even the best writers can’t always see their own mistakes! Hire an editor to make your indie work into professional work.

Looking for affordable professional editing? Look no further! Rosa Sophia offers discounts and deals for writers, and ongoing rates that can be viewed on her website.  Visit Rosa at




Coming soon: Rosa Sophia’s review of The Disenchanted Pet!

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Learning from Smashwords

I just published through Smashwords and I love their style guide! Even if you aren’t planning on publishing through them, I’d recommend going through this guide if you plan on publishing ebooks. (Once I’m sure I have it right through Smashwords, I’m going to update my Kindle book with my Smashwords submission.) The guide is full of great tips about what makes a good ebook and why, so you don’t feel like you’re beating up your manuscript for nothing. It looks so professional and cool when you’re done! It’s like a detailing job for your ebook. Good stuff!

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