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Virtual Release Party: Review by The Bookworm Extraordinaire


Please visit the very first review of Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic, written by The Bookworm Extraordinaire. Thank you for the delightful review, Bookworm!

The review went up in September, but Bookworm is also hosting! Visit her party post here:

And see the review here:

About the Bookworm

Bookworm Extraordiare is a pseudonym for the person behind the reviews. That’s me! I feel that I can be harsh with my critisizms sometimes, and I don’t feel like retribution on my real life. I enjoy the read, but I also enjoy books that are not foolishly written. I will be reviewing published and non-published books on this blog. See definitions as to what I mean by pusblished and non-published in the footer.*I review mainly YA books, but I will dabble in others if interested. So if you see a book that is not YA in my lists, just a head’s up.I will also be doing contests as the blog progresses! I will be doing “Saturday Jams,” as well as “Turbulent Tuesdays.” If you do not have a clue what I’m talking about, and probably do not since this is my blog, then stick around!

Hey, if you would like for me to follow you, just send and email. If you join me, I will try and keep up and follow you also. Us bloggers have to stick together!

The Bookworm!

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What To Look For When You Read

Here are some of the things I look for and analyze while reading. Keeping these things in mind has really helped me to get more out of my reading, write better fiction, and easily write reviews.

  • Why did the author write this book? At first a story may look like its face value, but there is usually a deeper story behind it. What is it really about? Why does the author tell this story other than to weave a tale? Authors are often sharing profound and personal things through their writing.
  • How does this story progress? Every form of art tells a story and has several key parts. The starting state of innocence, The problem that presents itself, the climax of the problem–often a tragedy, the creative response to the tragedy, and the resolution. Where are these in the book and what are they? These are the story’s bones and can often open up a lot of the underlying meaning.
  • What grips me about this book? Scenes, characters, dilemmas, and other parts of the story engage the reader. I try to discover what they are and why they capture my attention and emotions. (If you are having trouble with that in a larger story, reading Manga or other short story forms can sometimes give you a jump start.) Analyzing this helps you to write things that you love!
  • What universal themes does the author use? Universal themes are just themes that are common to mankind. Betrayal, loss, overcoming adversity–these are universal themes that everyone understands. Why does the author use them and how do they move the story?
  • What in the author’s or characters’ culture is the same as or different from my own? Culture isn’t just racial. Everyone has a different culture within the groups in which they live: region, religion, shared experiences, and profession are all some non-racial cultures. Understanding culture differences can expand your understanding and your writing.
  • What are the flaws in the writing? Are they my personal opinion or something others will agree on? Admit it. Writers all have them (even ME!). I’m not saying to be hypercritical, but noting where the story failed can help you learn more about yourself and avoid the same mistake in your own writing. If you overlook them, you can pat yourself on the back for being “nice” but you may not learn anything from it.
  • How would I write this differently? How would I change the story if I were the main character? This often isn’t a matter of mistakes but different points of view. I spend a lot of time pondering this when I read a really engaging book. Often you can create an entirely different story based on your differences. (But please don’t plagiarize!)

If I can think of more, I’ll make a future post. What things do you look for when you read?

Completely unrelated, I’ve noticed that a lot of my posts happen between 8:30 and 9:00. This is the sweet spot between my littlest’s bedtime and the two older kids’. Often after 9:30 my brain switches off so this works for me!

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An Editor is a MUST!

Yes, you are professional, creative, and an exceptional grammarian, but even the best writers can’t always see their own mistakes! Hire an editor to make your indie work into professional work.

Looking for affordable professional editing? Look no further! Rosa Sophia offers discounts and deals for writers, and ongoing rates that can be viewed on her website.  Visit Rosa at




Coming soon: Rosa Sophia’s review of The Disenchanted Pet!

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Tag surfin’! Tag-tag surfin’!

They should really call it “Tag Fishing” because it is like finding some that are whoppers, some that are minnows, and some old boots.

Here are my faves from today: I love the hard evidence, and I’m encouraged that though I am not making wads of money, the odds are in my favor. This one was short but fat with goodness.

Also there is a long one but interesting Maybe this one is an eel. I liked her progression through the book writing process to fame.

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Premium Distribution on Smashwords!

It’s a small achievement, but I finally tweaked my ebook version to qualify for premium distribution on Smashwords! As I’ve said before, they have a great formatting guide and have a lot of good advice and tips about good ebooks. Lets see if this increases my sales, as they claim it will…

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Blog with insightful instructions on How To Review

Ross Lampert gives us a detailed and intelligent process for how he reviews a book. It gets to the heart of why we read. As I’ve pointed out before, reading is necessary for writing, and if you can better analyze your reading then you can better craft your writing!

The instructions are written in series, so I’ve linked to Ross’ page in the blog (multiple authors).

Thanks for the cool tools, Ross! I gave them a new page in One Note for future reference.

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Goodreads is Good!

OK. I know I have posted 3 times today, but I have to tell you about GoodReads! They are a great resource for self-published authors. There are tons of resources and a whole new medium for self-promotion and marketing. They are fast too. They set my author site up right away. You have to sign up, even if you aren’t an author yet, or never will be and just love books. I feel embarrassed that I didn’t see this site sooner!

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Self-publishing Resources Should Be Free!

I was looking up some marketing ideas, so I’ll post them here for you. There are tons of them, but here are some with good ideas/ideas I hadn’t heard of before:

These are good lists of things to do for marketing a self-published book. Truthfully, some of these sound less pleasent than going to the dentist, but an author’s gotta do what an author’s gotta do.

And here are some more good links I found while cleaning up my “Favorites”!

How to self-publish well (good stuff!):

What is a virtual book tour? How do I do it?’s list, making this a list within a list:

All of these were good resources for me as a self-publisher. Marketing is so scary and this thing is so complicated that any filter you can get, such as a kind bloggers site with links, is wonderful. And it should all be free because we authors almost always start with nothing.

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Learning from Smashwords

I just published through Smashwords and I love their style guide! Even if you aren’t planning on publishing through them, I’d recommend going through this guide if you plan on publishing ebooks. (Once I’m sure I have it right through Smashwords, I’m going to update my Kindle book with my Smashwords submission.) The guide is full of great tips about what makes a good ebook and why, so you don’t feel like you’re beating up your manuscript for nothing. It looks so professional and cool when you’re done! It’s like a detailing job for your ebook. Good stuff!

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The Disenchanted Pet Is Available on Smashwords!

I just posted The Disenchanted Pet on Smashwords for all your ebook needs!

My link takes you to copies for nearly any ebook reader you could use, including PC and web format. Good stuff!

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How Writing a Book Changed Me

It did. It changed me, not in an enormous way, but I feel different now that it is out there. I have an accomplishment that is tangible and will endure beyond me. It may reside in a used book store or a storage unit, but it’s there. I have the knowledge that I wrote a book and the confidence that I can do it again. That is enormous for me.

Before the book, I was just Kate, a mommy and a homemaker, doing what all mommies and homemakers have done since the beginning of time. Truthfully, I felt lowly and unimportant to others as a mom. My job (and I consider it to be that) is un-glamorous and possible for anyone who can produce or acquire a baby to parent. Don’t get me wrong. I also think it is the most important job in the world, to raise the next generation, and that is why it is my job, and not my hobby or my side-job. It’s just that it is a really easy field to break into.

Writing a book, however, is not something everyone can do. It makes others see me as unique and worthy. Only a week after my publishing date, I feel the rise in respect from other moms who I chat with in passing at my kids’ school. Friends I haven’t heard from in 16 years are excited about my books! My books are getting people excited! They are enthused about the one that is out and eager for the ones to come.

The publishing thing is interesting too. Even though I self-published and had control over when the book came out (har har), that confirmation of publication was a rite of passage that made me a “Real Writer”. Without the evidence they could hold in their hand (or in their Kindle) it was just a cool hobby. I have the paperback. It says my name on it.

The paperback’s arrival was especially important to my kids. To them, books are still objects. Seeing my book in physical form, not just words on a computer or an ereader, made it real to them. The interest expressed by others is what makes the book important in their eyes and not just some thing mom does on her laptop. They aren’t allowed to touch my laptop, and so it is my space. But when others notice and talk to them about it, it becomes important.

I do feel kind of like a cheater here because my writing is not something I planned to do and sat down with sheer determination to accomplish. It did take discipline and work, but that was to make it presentable. When an idea is whirling around in my head and I am looking at it from all angles and poking it to see if it will twitch, it has to eventually come out onto paper, or the screen of my laptop. The night before last, in order to stop thinking about my next day’s schedule, I made up a story about people transformed into strange beasts with a gene-altering parasite. Last night I expanded on that idea and then fell asleep  had a dream about a dramatic confrontation that also could be a story, if arranged properly. There are two potential pieces of books, right there, that oozed out of me without effort.

This writing isn’t an accomplishment of will for me, it’s the manifestation of my thought processes. And it makes me look cool. “Hi, my name is Kate. I’m an author. Here’s where you can buy my book.” That is so cool! Truthfully, you probably can’t sneeze and not infect at least two authors. But I’m an author, and I can prove it, and it has changed me.

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The Disenchanted Pet in Paperback!

The Disenchanted Pet is now available on CreateSpace in Paperback form!

It will also be availble on Amazon in 3-5 days, if you prefer that!

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