Places to Compose Fiction

Good places to Write/Compose Fiction:

In Bed before going to sleep or after waking up

Waiting in line for anything (not in a car)

Waiting in line to pick up the kids from school (gear in PARK)

During a walk or hike

During a really boring conversation (insert “MmmHmmm” periodically and look interested)

Waiting to meet someone

Waiting for an appointment

At the playground (not ideal because you have to watch the kids too)

In the Shower

and yes, In a Quiet Room With No Distractions (never happens.)

In the back yard while the kids play

Bad Places to Write/Compose Fiction:

In the car (unless it is in PARK)

At a stoplight or crosswalk

At church (sinner!)

In the kitchen while cooking

While driving (sometimes can’t help it)

During an important conversation (also sometimes can’t help it)

In my home most of the time (too noisy/busy/chaotic)

While doing laundry or dishes (screwing it up)

While applying makeup (clown face)

In the Store or other public place (crashing into strangers)


2 thoughts on “Places to Compose Fiction

  1. I enjoyed this, and your trailer!

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