Sorcery Loves Company

Sorcery Loves Company

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic isn’t quite out yet, but Book 2 of The Convergence series is already in the writing! It’s coming before, or after, or maybe at the same time as The Stray. We’ll see how my muse moves me!


Colleen may think she has her new life in the Convergence all worked out, but things are not what they seem. There are more hot guys to handle, and more trouble to face than she planned for. When her parents cross the line, she’ll have to call in all the favors she’s owed and put her faith in people she never expected to count on. Can she keep her parents safe, keep her hands off “Naughtie Hottie” London, and pass her economics class? Plenty of new friends and enemies will join in the struggle, because…sorcery loves company.


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