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  1. Kate,

    Recently, I was given an Amputeddy by Jeni Martinez of Three Trees Yoga. Jeni taught your Aunt Jean yoga with a few other members of the Federal Way Amputee support group. I became an amputee in November of 2011. I just began taking classes with Jeni and am active in Amputee Support and Awareness. Jeni said your Aunt and her spirit inspired her and as hard as it was to part with her Amputeddy, especially since your Aunt’s passing, something told her that he would continue his good work with me. I was brought to tears as she shared about your Aunt and at the generosity of her gift to me.

    I write a blog called Lisa On A Limb: Learning to Live and Laugh as an Amputee ( I started writing it very soon after my surgery. It took off very fast an I have readers all over the globe. I also work with Amputee Empowerment Partners as a Peer Support Visitor. I visit with new or soon to be amputees and offer support, comfort and hope. Amputeddy (I think I may call him Ampy for short), will be in my “bag of tricks” on every visit. I actually spoke at a school to the fourth and fifth grade classes. Ampy came with me and the children loved him.

    I write you for a few reasons. The first was to share the story of receiving this wonderful gift. The second is to ask your permission to share a picture of him and a bit of background on you and your Aunt Jean on my site. The third is to ask if Amputeddy will be back.

    Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you.


    Lisa Brewer

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