Shameless in Seattle: Begging Part II

This worked so well for me last time, I’m going to beg you again. You seem to like it, you sadists!

Please, please, please, please, please, buy my book, review my book on Amazon or wherever you bought it or didn’t buy it, like my book everywhere, and share my posts with your Facebook friends so they will also buy my book! I really want this book to succeed so I can pay Kathleen to edit How To Win Friends and Influence Magicians! You’ll really like this one and it is ALMOST DONE!

I know! I appear to be a Fiction Writing Monster with Mad Speed-Fiction Skills! Unfortunately I don’t have Mad Disposable Income Skills.

So to be really codependent with my compulsive fiction writing, please hook me up at these fine locations:

Thank you!

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5 thoughts on “Shameless in Seattle: Begging Part II

  1. Will be looking forward to sending out reviews on your book after we read them. I’m sending this on twitter now.

  2. Can’t wait for ~How To Win Friends and Influence Magicians~! Need another copy of ~The Lustre~….!

    Kate, still plan to check where I may have dropped stitches in my knitting, in placing reviews.

  3. Kate, I’ve reviewed at Amazon; couldn’t at Smashwords because I haven’t bought an ebook version, and the next copy I want is a paperback.
    Want to go to Goodreads.

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