Works In Progress

I’m always working on something! I’m a compulsive writer after all. My current works-in-progress are:

“Horarium”, a Wattpad exclusive free short story

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic is my next work to be published. I am nearly ready! It is a Supernatural Romance, and the first in the Colleen Underhill series.

The Stray is a second book in the ShaZha Universe. It is in the same world but not a sequel to The Disenchanted Pet. I am at the beginning of writing this book.

Some future upcoming works are :

The Remnant
Adriel was ready to launch into the future. Enrolled in her college of choice, planning her dorm decorations with her roommate and favorite cousin, and enjoying her last summer as a kid, she couldn’t have it any better. Until the Earth was destroyed.
In an instant, her plans for the future evaporated, along with her home world. The unwitting Earth fell prey to the manifest destiny of the Zozranjen, a pirate society travelling the galaxy and pillaging everything in their path.
There was only one commodity they desired on the Earth, and that was its women. The Zozran inability to produce female offspring was what launched them into space, and it is what made them unstoppable.

Now Adriel will be assimilated into the harsh society, even robbed of her native language. Can she survive their initiation, and if so, can she adapt to their severe social customs? With everything she knows destroyed and even her faith shaken to its core, what will happen to her, the Remnant?

The Sayre Society (Series): Mariah
Any young lady who wishes to triumph in society in 1812 can not fail if she is admitted into the selective Sayre Society. This ladies organization typifies the virtues of womanhood: respectability, charity, piety, and intelligence.
What few know outside of the sanctum of the Sayre Oath is that their purpose is not to throw the most fabulous balls and galas in England. Their true goal is to protect humanity from the dire threat of the Chenakar.
These hideous and intelligent parasites have infiltrated the civilized world and are bent on using society to feed their insatiable appetites and multiply. If they succeed, the human race may be sacrifice to their appetites.

In the first book of the Sayre Society series, Mariah will be welcomed into the Sayre Society with open arms by her Aunt and cousins who are legacy members of the society. Now she will not only be required to dress impeccably, dance exquisitely, and find a rich husband, but she will also have to battle the undead! She’ll definitely test the limits of her “real stays” by the time her true love proposes.

The Queen of Imaginari
Jude Black is one of the elite, the amazing, the Envisioners. With his will alone he can link to an alternate dimension where he can bring forth anything he is powerful enough to imagine, and Jude is one of the most powerful. Sick of the oppressive policies of the Government toward Envisioners powers, he plans to establish his own nation of free Envisioners, unencumbered by the stifling rules and persecutions of other governments. There in his land of Imaginari, he hopes to permanently connect our dimension and his own, becoming the most powerful person on the planet.
All he needs now is for Lyneth to become his queen. Her power, united with his, will make his dream come true. The trouble is that she isn’t really interested in him that way. She is haunted by her own horrible past and she seems to prefer Galen, a boy with the power to break the dimensional connection of the Envisioners. This won’t stop Jude, though, as he uses any means necessary to establish his Queen in Imaginari.

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