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The Disenchanted Pet on Ereader News

My new favorite book promotion site is Ereader News Today. The Disenchanted Pet is featured on their Kindle Daily Deal today: I have already sold 13 copies today, and Kindle doesn’t always show sales right away.

They have a really awesome payment plan in which they charge a percentage of your sales for the day in exchange for your posting. Every book promotion site should do this!

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Where credit is due

Thank you!

I forgot one of the contributors to my November success! I signed up for a listing on in exchange for 10% of sales. It netted me 142 sales for The Disenchanted Pet.

I’m adding them to my Book Promotion Companies list with good marks. I really like the pay in exchange for results, and they got results. I didn’t get any notification ahead of time when my book would be up, but it could have been eaten by Google’s ravenous Spam folder.


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When something really works…



Remember when I said that the Goodreads giveaway was a good idea? Well it was a VERY good idea! I sold 603 copies of The Disenchanted Pet for Kindle in November!!! All I can think that I did to earn my success was to give it some free days with Select and then give it away on Goodreads for free. Did I miss something? Oh yes, promoting it for more than a year 😉 . That puts me at an impressive Amazon bestseller ranking of 99,629. Heheh.

On the flip side, not everyone’s reaction was positive: If you read this, Nathan, I do plan to re-do this cover. It was my very first book, after all.

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Putting your best words forward

What impression are you leaving?

What impression are you leaving?

I have to tell you something you’ve probably already heard before, but if you haven’t it could save your writing career. As an author, you need to put your best foot forward. This sounds simple and even trite, but it isn’t always easy to do.

I get lots of review requests lately, which I love! In one author’s review request, the synopsis was disjointed. There was no flow to the description of the book. Unfortunately it was also filled with grammar errors and even included a mistake by the author in pasting the synopsis in the email. Needless to say, I was not eager to read the book. The subject sounded interesting, but the mistakes scared me away.

Authors rely on those short pieces of our work to open the door to new readers. If the only chance we might have to gain a reader scares them away instead of drawing them in, we aren’t going to enjoy much success.

When you send your book to your editor, include a page or two with your synopsis, acknowledgments, author bio, and any other advertising info that goes along with your book. These are just as important as the body of the writing. Most editors will gladly include these in your editing, because their reputation is invested in your book almost as much as yours is.

When people point out errors in your book, your blurb, your website, or wherever, LISTEN. Of course, you should check on their accuracy. But they may be helping you. Never mistake a technical correction for a personal attack. Unless you are writing about grammar, a criticism of your grammar can only help you.

If you laugh off someone’s criticism and feel like it’s no big deal, then you are also laughing off your own success. Take them seriously, even if they are wrong. If you don’t take their advice, it’s appropriate to tell them why.

I have received criticism for my writing as well, and some helped me to fix major mistakes in my work. Others were a matter of preference rather than correctness, and others still were items that I had discussed with my editor and deferred to her judgment. Still, I explained these to the person kind enough to point them out.

Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes Microsoft Word seems possessed, deleting important bits and allowing strange mistakes to remain after I thought I deleted them. We understand that. Just know that a stranger will view their first glimpse at your writing as your best.

If you treat your writing like an unimportant hobby, that’s how it will stay. Nobody is interested in rocketing you to fame when you don’t really care. To succeed as a writer you have to approach it as a business with all the professionalism required by a job. Even more, it’s a sales job, so your audience’s first look might be your only shot. Make that shot a bulls-eye!

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Goodreads Goodies

I had such a great experience with my Goodreads giveaway of Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic, that I just had to give The Disenchanted Pet a go for a giveaway. What a great response already! I’ve sold more than a hundred ebooks on Amazon and a print book too. Why didn’t I try this earlier? Silly!

Here is the Goodreads giveaway of The Disenchanted Pet:


Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Disenchanted Pet by Kate Policani

The Disenchanted Pet

by Kate Policani

Giveaway ends December 01, 2012.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

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Put On Your Kickin’ Shoes

We are live with my Kickstarter campaign! This one is more chill than my previous campaign, and more of a pre-order platform than anything else. There are several ways you can get your hands on my digital pre-release copy without committing to a pre-review. I have Day-of-release paperback options as well as some fancy stuff.

If you want to buy my book, I’d encourage you to go this route because you can get things earlier, and because you get a discount! If you want more swag, I’ve got it there too. (I do still believe firmly in the 99 cent ebook, but I’m going to start my book at $2.99 so I can discount it later and boost sales.)

If you are interested in pre-reviewing my book, you don’t need to buy it. I’ll send you the e-copy as soon as Kathleen has finished her fabulous editing magic on it. Email me to get on my pre-review list.

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What Is Working

So some things are working for me as an author, and some aren’t. Here they are:

  • My short storyI have 334 downloads of The Silver Collar on Smashwords. A surprising number of people have bought it for kindle too, even though it is free on Smashwords and I put a link as a comment. I wonder when Amazon will get around to fixing that….
  • – This one worked for me and got me 10 sales in one day. The problem is, that is all I got and I’m not sure if I can put more books on there or what.
  • Lots of Connections – I made a serious push to put The Lustre out where as many people could see it as possible. Also, I put my free short story everywhere I could find to put it. That seems to have upped my visibility a little and I get a few sales here and there where The Disenchanted Pet  has gotten none.
  • Having more books out there – It seems that the more books I have available, the more people are reading.
  • Time – Yes, the time I have been online and the time my books have been available has worked in my favor. This is another plug for starting your platform early. If I had 140 blog followers and 432 twitter followers before I first published, I think things would have been easier for me.

Things that didn’t work/aren’t working:

  • Kickstarter – My campaign didn’t earn even a fraction of its amount. Maybe I tried too soon or asked too much. I noticed the ones with lots of support had some kind of perk outside of the book itself – a contribution to a charity or something.
  • The 99 cent Network – My book was up initially, but now I can’t find my book on the site at all, even though I paid for four months. I emailed them about this and have heard zip-o in return. Boo! I also have no way of knowing if I got any sales through them.
  • Selling my books at places other than the biggies – I found a lot of little side ebook sellers and posted there. I didn’t see any extra sales, though. No one has sent me big checks because my book is a bigger fish in a smaller pond. I don’t think I am hurt by it, but I don’t know if I will spend the time and effort to put future books out there if I get no return.
  • Kindle Select – I had hoped that putting the zero-sales Disenchanted Pet up as a Kindle Select title would give me a little boost, but I’ve seen no new sales.

A little about book reviews and getting them: I sent out requests for review of The Lustre to 11 different bloggers in March and recieved 2 replies, one a yes and one a no. It isn’t easy to even get a reply, let alone a review. (Don’t feel bad if you email 3 and don’t get any response.)

As a book reviewer, I am getting lots and lots of requests, even though my list is so long. I’ve amended my review policy and have said “no” to some books I didn’t think I could enjoy enough to give a good review. I still have enough time to reply to everyone, but I can see where an established reviewer would have a hard time.

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Self-Publishing Timelines

There are plenty of lists telling you how long it will take you to get your book “out there” as an indie author. There aren’t many that outline how long it will take you to “Make it” in whatever way you see that. Amanda Hocking took one year. Another author mentioned that it took her 2 or 3 years before her books began to sell regularly.

Success in Self-publishing isn’t all about how you get the book out there. It is a big step, but it is the first step, not the end.

I’d love to make timeline of success! I have to “Make it” first. For me that means that people buy my books without me feeling I am squeezing buyers out like juice out of a turnip. It also means that my books pay themselves off (Editing and cover art costs, promotions and fees) within maybe a year. I’d be so happy with that!

I admit that when I first put out my book in September, I started daydreaming about buying myself a new car with my book earnings. I still do that from time to time.


Here are some timelines for the actual launch of the book: Page 15


A timeline about Self-published books and their successes, complete with graphs and charts:



Here are some other cool links I found while I was looking for the others. (That always happens!)  The New York Times on self-publishing and the changes in the publishing industry.  This is a Self-publishing Timeline in that it is a history of self-publishing. It will surprise you! A Directory of self-publishing companies.


Here is my “Timeline of Success” so far:


September 29, 2011: Released The Disenchanted Pet

10 sales total in the first month.

March 2012 Signed on Kindle Select: No sales AT ALL

Total sales for The Disenchanted Pet :

7 Createspace (paperback incl. Amazon)

10 Smashwords sales, 52 total downloads (including freebies)

8 Kindle sales


February 29,2012: Released The Lustre

Blog release party, 10 sales total during party

Promotion on multiple book sites

Total sales for The Lustre:

5 CreateSpace sales (paperback incl. Amazon)

10 Smashwords sales, 30 total downloads

14 Kindle sales

And The Silver Collar has sold 6 copies on Kindle even though it is free on Smashwords and I put a link to the free download as a “review”. People are so weird.

What is your “Timeline”?

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Short Story Success!

I had to just drop a few lines to say that I am having amazing success with my free short story! (Thanks for reading if you did!) I just went over the 200 downloads mark in 3 weeks! It has surpassed my other free ebook already that has been out since November.

Also, I’ve gotten some feedback from friends who hadn’t gotten around to reading any of my work. I think I’m getting a chance because of the quick read. I’m always so happy when someone likes my writing–like I get when I buy someone the perfect gift.

I would definitely recommend the free short story as a promotion! I’ve gotten some sales since releasing my “free sample”!

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A Whole Bunch of New and Awesome Links!

Some days I struggle to figure out what to blog and some days I do the pee pee dance holding myself back from making 4 posts per day. I’ll give you a rundown of cool links I found in the last few days while posting lots of reviews.

Just read this article now and loved it!

Two interesting tools I signed up for but haven’t gotten the hang of yet.

Why Google Books is probably not a sales avenue (other than that my uploads don’t work)

Another book/reading community more focused on….

Something interesting I need to contemplate first:

 An awesom all-around website, followed by a ton of articles thereon that I loved: (This one mentioned free ebook again. Gotta get on that.)

Some links to free book promotion sites: (I signed up with 2 accounts, one for my author stuff and one for my blog reviews using 2 different email addresses) They are doing a promotion right now using your favorite 3 paragraphs of your books. Looks awesome!

A contest I didn’t enter but probably will: L. Ron Hubbard’s writers’ contest for new authors (self-published OK under a certain amount of sales) Limit of 1700 words, occurs several times throughout the year, one book per author per session.

Idea: Use to post book covers with descriptions for visibility



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Reaping the Benefits!

My book is up on ! My $45 didn’t go to waste YAAAYYY!! They gave no feedback about my (probably flubbed) sign-up so I was feeling worried.

Also it’s listed here (which was free).

On March 31st I had 10 Kindle book sales!!!! I know! That is twice as many as during my virtual launch party. I have to credit and DVW for that one because they both went live on that day. I wonder which got me more buys? Is there a way to tell? Best Ebook Reader Lovers looks like a winner because I haven’t had any new sales since then (Unless KDP has a delay reporting sales).

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I’m Beginning to See a Pattern Here

I think I am seeing a pattern with the self-publishing process. It could also be true for the traditional publishing process–dunno.

Here it is:

1. Work, Work, Work

2. Excitement: I’m almost finished with a book/promotion/project that I will soon unleash on the world.

3. Euphoria: It’s out there! People are looking at it and seeing what I did! Some people may even be giving me money! (!!!!)

4. Expectation: Now, how is this going to work itself out.

5. Disappointment: Oh crud. That was over quickly and it didn’t make me rich and famous.

6. Depression: Wah, wah, boo hoo. Nobody loves my book/promotion/project and it has only 10 views on my blog when I have 300 Facebook followers. I got 400 views on my blog but only sold five.  Nobody wants to review my work. Nobody wants to post their reviews. Nobody wants to read the posts people made about my work. Nobody cares about my book/promotion/project and I spent all that money for nothing. Snivel snivel. (This is where I am right now and I’m disgusted with myself. This is the point where I need to push for #7)

7. Determination: I’m going to make this work. All I need to do is learn some miraculous new thing that will correct the flop I just had. Somewhere online is the answer to my problems.

Then back to 1. Work, Work, Work.

Is this how it is for you?

This is how I want it to work:

1. Work, work work (Yes, I am adult enough to know I will still need to do this.)

2. Victory: It’s done, it’s out there and it will be glorious!

3. Domination: Everybody loves it! I’m selling like hotcakes and everybody thinks I’m a genius. They’re starting a religion based on my work. (Well maybe not that far….)

4. Relaxation: This is going so well that I get some nice time off to bask while my product sells itself. Go me!

Does this even exist? Probably not, but I’m a fiction writer so whaddya gonna do?


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Links Through the Grapevine

I found a few interesting posts, but I had to wait a few days because of other things to post that needed the day to themselves. Is a great rundown of the writer/salesperson connection Don’t make these mistakes!

these two I found through is a cool site I need to explore more.

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How Did I Get That Book On The Shelf?

How did I get my book on that bookstore shelf?

First, I had to identify where my book might be purchased. Third Place Books was ideal because I already knew that they consigned used books. I had done it before through them, so I knew they were all set up to put books on their shelves that weren’t ordered from a proprietary catalog.

  • Places like Barnes and Noble and big chains probably do not take books that are not on their special program. You can, however, look to see if they have an ebook publishing site!
  • Places that are tiny and have limited shelf-space will only sell the type of books you see on their shelves. If they are selling mostly classics or a certain type of book that isn’t like yours, don’t bother. Example: I looked at the independent bookstores at Pike Place Market and they all were tiny and sold mostly easy sellers and a few novelty books. Didn’t even try those.
  • Your best bet is at places that have a variety of books and are not affiliated with a larger parent company. Stores that advertise consigning your used books are ideal. My next endeavor will be Half Price Books because they also consign used books and that is a good indicator they may be receptive to consigning new books. The only reason we may not work out together is my second point.

Second, I had to count the cost of selling your book through a third party. (hehe) If you buy your own books at $5.26 apiece and pay $4.77 shipping and $1.50 in tax, then selling 3 books will cost you $22.05. If your reseller takes 40% of that and sells your book at $9.99 then you make $17.82 back and that means you are paying $4.23 to have your book available on the shelves.

This is actually my rundown of the three books on that shelf right now, and  it’s worth it to me right now. This was an experiment and it was partially successful. I’ll only lose $4.23 if my books all sell, and nothing if they don’t. My plight is not hopeless because there is a “Pro Plan” program through Createspace (where I obtain my print books) that I can pay an extra $39 to upgrade with a $5 annual renewal. Then I would pay only $9.30 for the books, making my cost $15.57(ish) instead and I’d make a $2.25 profit selling them. It’s worth it to leave it right now because I’m not sure my books will sell and the extra $44 for the Pro Plan is only worth it if I can manage to sell more than 22 books this year. Not so sure about that.

There are also other places I can publish my book that would charge me less. But it has to sell. I actually reversed the second and the third steps because I didn’t know how much Third Place would sell them for when I submitted, but it was worth it to pay extra to have them in the store. I had the books already, saved for just such an occasion, so I didn’t have to order them, just drive them over after I dropped the kids off at school.

Third, I had to contact the right people. There was a specific person who was in charge of the Indie Author Consignment program at Third Place. That person wasn’t the first or second person I contacted though. I called up the store and got a name and email of the person to contact. This person forwarded my email to the correct person, who gave me all the terms and such. Then I had to bring in a book to her for her to inspect, which I would not get back afterward.  That was intimidating, but this is the beginning, right? But there my book sits, ON THE SHELF!!!!! YAAAAAYYYY!
Now, I have to wait and scheme. Mwahahaha! Actually I also have to pester everyone I know about my book for sale so that they will know that I have one and where to get it. If the books don’t sell in six months, they are returned to me in shame, never to grace the shelves again (I think).
Remember, a published book is FOREVER. It may go in and out of print, but it is yours and you can sell it, and your children can sell it, and generations thereafter for as long as it isn’t public domain. Oooooh! Coooool!
That is how I did it! I bet you can do that too if you want. Go on!
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Things I Learned Yesterday About Amazon

  1. Hunt for your book using the top search bar, using your book’s category every day, two or three times, and select it when you find it. The more times it is chosen from that list, the higher it will appear.
    Thank you Traci Hilton (tracihilton)!
  2. Once you have a book for sale, you need to use Amazon AuthorCentral to advertize yourself as an author!
  3. You can use the Amazon Associates Program to make money while you promote your own book on your own website! (Plus other things)
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