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Goal Setting for Success

Are you someone who makes New Years Resolutions? Do you set personal goals? Well, statistics show that goal setting helps propel you to success!

A great infographic from OnlineEducation.netSetting Goals Infographic

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Where credit is due

Thank you!

I forgot one of the contributors to my November success! I signed up for a listing onĀ in exchange for 10% of sales. It netted me 142 sales for The Disenchanted Pet.

I’m adding them to my Book Promotion Companies list with good marks. I really like the pay in exchange for results, and they got results. I didn’t get any notification ahead of time when my book would be up, but it could have been eaten by Google’s ravenous Spam folder.


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When something really works…



Remember when I said that the Goodreads giveaway was a good idea? Well it was a VERY good idea! I sold 603 copies of The Disenchanted Pet for Kindle in November!!! All I can think that I did to earn my success was to give it some free days with Select and then give it away on Goodreads for free. Did I miss something? Oh yes, promoting it for more than a year šŸ˜‰ . That puts me at an impressive Amazon bestseller ranking ofĀ 99,629. Heheh.

On the flip side, not everyone’s reaction was positive:Ā If you read this, Nathan, I do plan to re-do this cover. It was my very first book, after all.

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Post-party Analasys

I have mixed feelings about this party. I felt like it was already a success going in because I had so many fantastic participants and because the Kickstarter was a success, so my launch was successful before it happened. Some things didn’t work so great and I know what not to do next time too. Do you have any feedback/advice for me? Continue reading

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Kickstarter Success!

My kickstarter project is funded! It just goes to show you that there are some awesome people out there. It was saved at the last minute by a few kind folks.

I learned a bit about Kickstarter and how it works, and I think that a hallmark to success is selling your vision with the audience in a compelling way. It isn’t enough to just state your objectives and offer nice incentives. That is good, but what sells people is your own passion for what you want to accomplish. I’m going to focus on this next time I do a kickstarter.


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Finding Your Calling

What do you want to be when you grow up? How did you get to the place you are now? These are the opposite ends of one of the most important questions in our lives.

Some of us adults tell kids, “Get a good job in accounting and forget about that degree in art. It won’t pay the bills.” And to some extent, they’re right.

Other adults gush, “Reach for your dreams, little one! There is nothing you can’t do if you just believe!” And some butterflies fly out from behind their head.

I will tell you a profound truth: both of these people are right and both are also wrong. I’ll explain.

You can’t tell when you start if your dream of becoming a famous artist won’t pay all the bills and your mom’s with enough left over to sponsor fifteen children in Ecuador. The odds are against it and you can’t ignore that. You also can’t tell that your Accounting job will pay the bills. Maybe it won’t. (Especially if you hate it and don’t do it well.)

Sometimes, you think you know your calling and you really don’t. That happened to me. I learned shortly after starting college that I didn’t want to become a Psychologist or anything related to that profession. It was a crushing blow that I never bounced back from. I just worked jobs until the time came to stay home with my kids (which was a separate calling). But then, almost twenty years later, another calling appeared. I was unprepared to get a calling at this place in my life, but the writing bug had borrowed into my head and was now reaching maturity. Stupid late-blooming writing bug.

Let me tell you who I think has the ultimate answer. I think the people who know the right way to do it are the people who move with their passion, plunging into the thing they love wholeheartedly. They don’t worry about paying the bills. (You can get a random job to pay the bills.) And if their passion doesn’t pan out, they jump out of the water like a dolphin and plunge back in again at a different place. The people who live this way have amazing stories to tell. They know a lot and have enjoyed the journey as well as the transition.

Not everybody hasĀ passions about jobs. That’s what those weird tests are for where they ask you if you’d rather raise chickens, calibrate nuclear machinery, or eradicate dangerous pests. But that doesn’t mean you can’t plunge in. It’s not the love of the job that matters, but the love of the adventure and of expanding your horizons. This is your life. Don’t let your bad attitude ruin it for you.

As for me, I had a passion I was completely unaware of. (For those of you who know me this isn’t a surprise. Randomly Oblivious is my middle name.) Everything else had to burn off first before I could see it. Being a mom at home all day with the kids God gave me and all their laundry made it impossible for me to spend time with stained glass art, choral music, sewing, gardening, painting, and all the other art forms I loved. The thing was that I still had to read. I trained myself in the fine art of keeping a plot fresh in my head while being interrupted every five minutes in my reading. Also, fiction began to squish out of me. Journals I meant to fill with my actual life got covered in the fiction.

At last hubby bought me a laptop computer. I could pay our bills online and read emails in the same room as the kids with plenty of space to see who hit who over top of the monitor. Now instead of huddling in the back of the house hoping nobody was setting anything on fire, I could monitor my kidsĀ and let my fiction out. Did you notice how the passion had to have the right circumstances to bloom?

And now I’m a writer/housewife who does a bad job battling the laundry monster, but writes a lot of fiction, this time forming them into books fit for sale. When the kids grow up, I’ll either be a full-time writer (which I prefer) or be a writer/barista or a writer/Lowes employee, or whatever. We’ll see.

My advice as an adult who has (finally) found her calling:Ā Reach for your dreams, little one! There is nothing you can’t do if you just believe…and also remember to get a good job if those dreams don’t pay your bills. And don’t listen to those unimaginative people who say you need to have a McMansion and a boat and all that junk. Those only make you happy on the weekends and holidays you don’t have to work. It’s your life and you should enjoy it in whatever form it becomes.

Did butterflies fly out from behind my head?

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Self-Publishing Timelines

There are plenty of lists telling you how long it will take you to get your book “out there” as an indie author. There aren’t many that outline how long it will take you to “Make it” in whatever way you see that. Amanda Hocking took one year. Another author mentioned that it took her 2 or 3 years before her books began to sell regularly.

Success in Self-publishing isn’t all about how you get the book out there. It is a big step, but it is the first step, not the end.

I’d love to make timeline of success! I have to “Make it” first. For me that means that people buy my books without me feeling I am squeezing buyers out like juice out of a turnip. It also means that my books pay themselves off (Editing and cover art costs, promotions and fees) within maybe a year. I’d be so happy with that!

I admit that when I first put out my book in September, I started daydreaming about buying myself a new car with my book earnings. I still do that from time to time.


Here are some timelines for the actual launch of the book: Page 15


A timeline about Self-published books and their successes, complete with graphs and charts:



Here are some other cool links I found while I was looking for the others. (That always happens!)Ā  The New York Times on self-publishing and the changes in the publishing industry.Ā  This is a Self-publishing Timeline in that it is a history of self-publishing. It will surprise you! A Directory of self-publishing companies.


Here is my “Timeline of Success” so far:


September 29, 2011: Released The Disenchanted Pet

10 sales total in the first month.

March 2012 Signed on Kindle Select: No sales AT ALL

Total sales for The Disenchanted Pet :

7 Createspace (paperback incl. Amazon)

10 Smashwords sales, 52 total downloads (including freebies)

8 Kindle sales


February 29,2012: Released The Lustre

Blog release party, 10 sales total during party

Promotion on multiple book sites

Total sales for The Lustre:

5 CreateSpace sales (paperback incl. Amazon)

10 Smashwords sales, 30 total downloads

14 Kindle sales

And The Silver Collar has sold 6 copies on Kindle even though it is free on Smashwords and I put a link to the free download as a “review”. People are so weird.

What is your “Timeline”?

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Short Story Success!

I had to just drop a few lines to say that I am having amazing success with my free short story! (Thanks for reading if you did!) I just went over the 200 downloads mark in 3 weeks! It has surpassed my other free ebook already that has been out since November.

Also, I’ve gotten some feedback from friends who hadn’t gotten around to reading any of my work. I think I’m getting a chance because of the quick read. I’m always so happy when someone likes my writing–like I get when I buyĀ someone the perfect gift.

I would definitely recommend the free short story as a promotion! I’ve gotten some sales since releasing my “free sample”!

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Writing Fiction Helps Others Succeed!

Saw this article today and thought of all of you WordPress author friends!

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