Things I Learned Yesterday About Amazon

  1. Hunt for your book using the top search bar, using your book’s category every day, two or three times, and select it when you find it. The more times it is chosen from that list, the higher it will appear.
    Thank you Traci Hilton (tracihilton)!
  2. Once you have a book for sale, you need to use Amazon AuthorCentral to advertize yourself as an author!
  3. You can use the Amazon Associates Program to make money while you promote your own book on your own website! (Plus other things)
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4 thoughts on “Things I Learned Yesterday About Amazon

  1. maggiepublishing

    Kate – These were VERY useful tips! The first one especially. It’s the little tricks like that that can make a real difference, I think…and how do you find that sort of info??? Thanks for that.

    Thanks also for posting a comment on my blog – because that enabled me to find yours!! I’m enjoying it a lot.

    And please write/post more of The Lustre soon!!!!

    • I “Googled” a lot of my tips and found them while looking for other tips. There are a lot of people trying to sell information that you can find free, and their lists of what they will charge you to learn can be a good place to start. There is so much information out there that it is hard to find some simple answers. Thanks for the follow! I am really enjoying interacting on the blogs.

  2. Just googled myself and found your blog. I’m glad my tip was useful! I’ve found that it works…I’ve used it to push my two most recent releases up a few pages in their genres. I will say this, it does not work as well for a big genre like “mystery” or “christian books” but it works great for sub genre’s with a couple of thousand books. : )

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