Self-Publishing Timelines

There are plenty of lists telling you how long it will take you to get your book “out there” as an indie author. There aren’t many that outline how long it will take you to “Make it” in whatever way you see that. Amanda Hocking took one year. Another author mentioned that it took her 2 or 3 years before her books began to sell regularly.

Success in Self-publishing isn’t all about how you get the book out there. It is a big step, but it is the first step, not the end.

I’d love to make timeline of success! I have to “Make it” first. For me that means that people buy my books without me feeling I am squeezing buyers out like juice out of a turnip. It also means that my books pay themselves off (Editing and cover art costs, promotions and fees) within maybe a year. I’d be so happy with that!

I admit that when I first put out my book in September, I started daydreaming about buying myself a new car with my book earnings. I still do that from time to time.


Here are some timelines for the actual launch of the book: Page 15


A timeline about Self-published books and their successes, complete with graphs and charts:



Here are some other cool links I found while I was looking for the others. (That always happens!)  The New York Times on self-publishing and the changes in the publishing industry.  This is a Self-publishing Timeline in that it is a history of self-publishing. It will surprise you! A Directory of self-publishing companies.


Here is my “Timeline of Success” so far:


September 29, 2011: Released The Disenchanted Pet

10 sales total in the first month.

March 2012 Signed on Kindle Select: No sales AT ALL

Total sales for The Disenchanted Pet :

7 Createspace (paperback incl. Amazon)

10 Smashwords sales, 52 total downloads (including freebies)

8 Kindle sales


February 29,2012: Released The Lustre

Blog release party, 10 sales total during party

Promotion on multiple book sites

Total sales for The Lustre:

5 CreateSpace sales (paperback incl. Amazon)

10 Smashwords sales, 30 total downloads

14 Kindle sales

And The Silver Collar has sold 6 copies on Kindle even though it is free on Smashwords and I put a link to the free download as a “review”. People are so weird.

What is your “Timeline”?

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