Short Story Success!

I had to just drop a few lines to say that I am having amazing success with my free short story! (Thanks for reading if you did!) I just went over the 200 downloads mark in 3 weeks! It has surpassed my other free ebook already that has been out since November.

Also, I’ve gotten some feedback from friends who hadn’t gotten around to reading any of my work. I think I’m getting a chance because of the quick read. I’m always so happy when someone likes my writing–like I get when I buy someone the perfect gift.

I would definitely recommend the free short story as a promotion! I’ve gotten some sales since releasing my “free sample”!

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3 thoughts on “Short Story Success!

  1. Rebecca Stibrany

    That’s an awesome idea. Congratulations on your success!

  2. Congratulations! Over 200 downloads is incredible!

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