When something really works…



Remember when I said that the Goodreads giveaway was a good idea? Well it was a VERY good idea! I sold 603 copies of The Disenchanted Pet for Kindle in November!!! All I can think that I did to earn my success was to give it some free days with Select and then give it away on Goodreads for free. Did I miss something? Oh yes, promoting it for more than a year 😉 . That puts me at an impressive Amazon bestseller ranking of 99,629. Heheh.

On the flip side, not everyone’s reaction was positive: http://www.nathanshumate.com/?p=7550 If you read this, Nathan, I do plan to re-do this cover. It was my very first book, after all.

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3 thoughts on “When something really works…

  1. Congrats :)!

  2. I took the link and left a comment about your book – that it is a great, original read. Kate, I don’t like the cover of my own book – completely, that is. What I would have liked is a photograph of people in the roles of Marta and Trimble, in a beautiful format. Sigh. I no longer look for perfection, and must be grateful.

    Congratulations about your success! You deserve it very much, and if I were smarter I might even be able to learn something from you! :0)

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