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Seal Of Excellence Awarded to Disenchanted Pet by Kate Policani

The Disenchanted Pet by Kate Policani

Awesome Indies Seal of Excellence for Outstanding Independent Literature awarded to Kate Policani for her novel, The Disenchanted Pet.

Seal Of Excellence Awarded to Disenchanted Pet by Kate Policani.

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Over 70 bargain books and a Kindle giveaway

aia_banner_relaunch (1)

Here it is folks – our wonderful new look and easy to use website. We hope that the ease of finding books to suit your taste will encourage you to support our hard working authors by buying the  best indie books available.

The books listed here have been vetted by some of the toughest and most highly qualified reviewers around, so you can be sure they’re well crafted

Over 70 bargain books and a Kindle giveaway.

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Are Self-published Books a Good Choice for Readers?

When you look for a book, do you want something popular? Do you want to read all the latest and coolest stories? Or do you want something that pushes the boundaries?

If you translated your buying experience with SP (self-published books) versus TP (traditionally-published books), you might say that TP books are like major brands purchased at a national chain store, such as Cheerios. Conversely, SP books are like a farmer’s market bag of organic rolled oats. Both have their benefits and their drawbacks. Which cereal would you choose?

There are several things to consider when choosing whether to pick a TP book or go indie: Continue reading

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Self-Publishing Timelines

There are plenty of lists telling you how long it will take you to get your book “out there” as an indie author. There aren’t many that outline how long it will take you to “Make it” in whatever way you see that. Amanda Hocking took one year. Another author mentioned that it took her 2 or 3 years before her books began to sell regularly.

Success in Self-publishing isn’t all about how you get the book out there. It is a big step, but it is the first step, not the end.

I’d love to make timeline of success! I have to “Make it” first. For me that means that people buy my books without me feeling I am squeezing buyers out like juice out of a turnip. It also means that my books pay themselves off (Editing and cover art costs, promotions and fees) within maybe a year. I’d be so happy with that!

I admit that when I first put out my book in September, I started daydreaming about buying myself a new car with my book earnings. I still do that from time to time.


Here are some timelines for the actual launch of the book: Page 15


A timeline about Self-published books and their successes, complete with graphs and charts:



Here are some other cool links I found while I was looking for the others. (That always happens!)  The New York Times on self-publishing and the changes in the publishing industry.  This is a Self-publishing Timeline in that it is a history of self-publishing. It will surprise you! A Directory of self-publishing companies.


Here is my “Timeline of Success” so far:


September 29, 2011: Released The Disenchanted Pet

10 sales total in the first month.

March 2012 Signed on Kindle Select: No sales AT ALL

Total sales for The Disenchanted Pet :

7 Createspace (paperback incl. Amazon)

10 Smashwords sales, 52 total downloads (including freebies)

8 Kindle sales


February 29,2012: Released The Lustre

Blog release party, 10 sales total during party

Promotion on multiple book sites

Total sales for The Lustre:

5 CreateSpace sales (paperback incl. Amazon)

10 Smashwords sales, 30 total downloads

14 Kindle sales

And The Silver Collar has sold 6 copies on Kindle even though it is free on Smashwords and I put a link to the free download as a “review”. People are so weird.

What is your “Timeline”?

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Interesting, Exciting contest, and my doubts…

I discovered an exciting contest from Amazon yesterday here:  Amazon is going to review book pitches and choose six to be published by Penguin! This is wonderful and I immediately read up on it linked everything, and put some important excerpts into a OneNote notebook. I set up an Astrid task reminder to alert me when to submit because submission opens toward the end of this month.

When all that was done and I had time to mull it over, the doubts set in. Maybe I should wait until next year because…I may not be ready for the work of traditional publishing. I may not want to be published traditionally yet anyway because I love the autonomy of being Indie. My writing may benefit more from a year of waiting. It looks like a lot of work and do I have the time to make it work? Do I want the work that comes from success?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still going to submit something. But it wasn’t a snap decision, partly because I had time to think about it.

What do you think about this contest, and would you enter? Explain. (This will be graded on a curve and late papers will be docked a grade percentage for each late day. :P)


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