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Putting your best words forward

What impression are you leaving?

What impression are you leaving?

I have to tell you something you’ve probably already heard before, but if you haven’t it could save your writing career. As an author, you need to put your best foot forward. This sounds simple and even trite, but it isn’t always easy to do.

I get lots of review requests lately, which I love! In one author’s review request, the synopsis was disjointed. There was no flow to the description of the book. Unfortunately it was also filled with grammar errors and even included a mistake by the author in pasting the synopsis in the email. Needless to say, I was not eager to read the book. The subject sounded interesting, but the mistakes scared me away.

Authors rely on those short pieces of our work to open the door to new readers. If the only chance we might have to gain a reader scares them away instead of drawing them in, we aren’t going to enjoy much success.

When you send your book to your editor, include a page or two with your synopsis, acknowledgments, author bio, and any other advertising info that goes along with your book. These are just as important as the body of the writing. Most editors will gladly include these in your editing, because their reputation is invested in your book almost as much as yours is.

When people point out errors in your book, your blurb, your website, or wherever, LISTEN. Of course, you should check on their accuracy. But they may be helping you. Never mistake a technical correction for a personal attack. Unless you are writing about grammar, a criticism of your grammar can only help you.

If you laugh off someone’s criticism and feel like it’s no big deal, then you are also laughing off your own success. Take them seriously, even if they are wrong. If you don’t take their advice, it’s appropriate to tell them why.

I have received criticism for my writing as well, and some helped me to fix major mistakes in my work. Others were a matter of preference rather than correctness, and others still were items that I had discussed with my editor and deferred to her judgment. Still, I explained these to the person kind enough to point them out.

Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes Microsoft Word seems possessed, deleting important bits and allowing strange mistakes to remain after I thought I deleted them. We understand that. Just know that a stranger will view their first glimpse at your writing as your best.

If you treat your writing like an unimportant hobby, that’s how it will stay. Nobody is interested in rocketing you to fame when you don’t really care. To succeed as a writer you have to approach it as a business with all the professionalism required by a job. Even more, it’s a sales job, so your audience’s first look might be your only shot. Make that shot a bulls-eye!

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Kickstarter Deals: one week to go!

If you wanted to wait until the last minute to grab my Kickstarter deal, you’re getting close. Visit my for a good old fashioned pre-order, some early release copy deals, and a few cool catches for some slots in my Virtual Release Party and more!

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Tag Surfing! Posts I liked:

I use the Tag surfer to connect with other bloggers on WordPress, and it works pretty well!

I liked:

I read lots of others and commented too, but these have new information I haven’t posted and fit what I am discussing in my blog: writing and self-publishing.

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More Promotions!

A Promotional Tote for The Disenchanted Pet

Canvas Tote

This is a bag I made for the first person to post a review on Amazon for me! (Thanks again Allison!) The iron-on transfer didn’t work perfectly on canvas. I’m going to try to fill in the little gaps in the design and that should help. Those iron-on transfers aren’t as simple as the directions would lead you to believe.

I Heart My SaSa Tee

The Tee worked much better and cleaner. It seems this type of transfer was made for cotton tees. This was my alternate idea for the bags but my reviewer wanted the tote anyway.



Last is a bookmark I made with white ribbon and one of the test bits I printed to fill up the transfer sheet. It transferred fine but it affected the shape of the ribbon. I think I would like it better with bigger text and a vertical design. I will mess around with that later because this thing is a pain in the butt and took several hours. I think I bent my ironing board too.

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Advertizing My Book

I got some great ideas the other day from Penguin’s author guide to publicity. Reading it has made me glad (again) that I decided to self-publish to start because if I had tried to submit to publishers and was successful, I would lose rights to my book AND be forced to promote my own book just as I am doing now anyway. I can see now why traditional publishing is losing to self-publishing.

Anyway! One of them was to advertize on craigslist, and I finally published a cragslist ad!

I thought about the Wikipedia and actually pulled up the page, but the formatting class you have to go through was too overwhelming for today. There is etiquitte and formatting tricks and a whole scary tutorial about how to do it right. I will, but not today. I have to build up my courage first.

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The Marketing Idea

I got the decals and tried them out! What do you think?

I heart My SaSaI got the decals for my inkjet printer from Office Depot. It was kind of a pain to get them because they were out of stock in most of the stores in my area. They also don’t always print the first time and simulate a paper jam, ruining the first half-inch of the paper. Blue ink for the words did not work well.

My plan is to give these to anyone who reviews my book on Amazon and emails me with their Amazon name (so I can read their review) and address to send to.

I also got some iron-on transfer for cloth also, and I’m not sure what to make out of them except T-shirts. A book bag maybe? Bookmarks would be cool too.

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