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Deep Breath

Ok! I’m working on focusing. Deep breath! Aaah…Whoooo. Maybe I had too much coffee. (Kidding! There’s no such thing.)

I have to remind myself not to become anxious or insane about my writing success. My inner Cuckoo wants to SEE some RESULTS NOW!!!! But that isn’t how it works. This is a slow process, gradual.

This is, I think, a thing with authors. We begin to obsess about the mechanics of it, how many books we sell, how many people follow our blog…. It’s maddening, how slow everything is, especially in self-publishing.

My neuroses:

Am I doing it wrong?

Am I missing something?

Am I failing and don’t know it?

Why don’t people want to buy my book?

The truth:

This is a new frontier–online self-publishing. We are in the new Gold Rush.

It takes more than 9 months to “build a platform” and establish oneself online.

I am NOT writing for the money. I am selling to pay for editing so I can create something beautiful.

Just because I feel like having stuff happen, doesn’t mean it will.

Just because I’m too busy to deal with things doesn’t mean things won’t happen.

I can’t make this happen with my mental powers. (ESP and Telekinesis is very weak in my family. I can only move individual molecules with my mind. I can only read 1/2 second of people’s thoughts. It sounds like “Urp!” “Buh!” “Gek” :P)

What I am doing, when I have time to do it, is enough for now.

Breathe in, Aaaahhh. Breathe out, Whooo.



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I’m Beginning to See a Pattern Here

I think I am seeing a pattern with the self-publishing process. It could also be true for the traditional publishing process–dunno.

Here it is:

1. Work, Work, Work

2. Excitement: I’m almost finished with a book/promotion/project that I will soon unleash on the world.

3. Euphoria: It’s out there! People are looking at it and seeing what I did! Some people may even be giving me money! (!!!!)

4. Expectation: Now, how is this going to work itself out.

5. Disappointment: Oh crud. That was over quickly and it didn’t make me rich and famous.

6. Depression: Wah, wah, boo hoo. Nobody loves my book/promotion/project and it has only 10 views on my blog when I have 300 Facebook followers. I got 400 views on my blog but only sold five.  Nobody wants to review my work. Nobody wants to post their reviews. Nobody wants to read the posts people made about my work. Nobody cares about my book/promotion/project and I spent all that money for nothing. Snivel snivel. (This is where I am right now and I’m disgusted with myself. This is the point where I need to push for #7)

7. Determination: I’m going to make this work. All I need to do is learn some miraculous new thing that will correct the flop I just had. Somewhere online is the answer to my problems.

Then back to 1. Work, Work, Work.

Is this how it is for you?

This is how I want it to work:

1. Work, work work (Yes, I am adult enough to know I will still need to do this.)

2. Victory: It’s done, it’s out there and it will be glorious!

3. Domination: Everybody loves it! I’m selling like hotcakes and everybody thinks I’m a genius. They’re starting a religion based on my work. (Well maybe not that far….)

4. Relaxation: This is going so well that I get some nice time off to bask while my product sells itself. Go me!

Does this even exist? Probably not, but I’m a fiction writer so whaddya gonna do?


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