Book Promotion Companies Review Update

Look! A pretty Table!

My list is getting longer now! Thanks to all of you for your great input and willingness to share!

**These ratings for book marketing companies are all based strictly on customer experience and opinion. This is a running list and I will be happy to add other customer opinions of book marketing companies to this list. To include your ratings, please comment on this post or email me at katepolicani@gmail (dot) com. Continue reading

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The Fantastic Freebie!

I’ve said it before and I felt it deserved its own post: The free sample is the best free advertising an author can get!

Since posting it, I’ve given away 376 download copies of my fantasy short story, The Silver Collar on Smashwords, and had 692 reads on Wattpad. This doesn’t include all the other places I’ve posted it. I haven’t been able to make it free on Amazon yet, partially because people are still buying it! I don’t understand that, but OK.

I’m also currently working on Horarium, a sci-fi short story, and posting on Wattpad as I go. I’m enjoying this kind of work and reaching readers along the way.

My hubby had a fabulous idea about the freebie, too.  (He has lots of those) After my free story, I include information for the reader to find my other works. I even included an excerpt from my upcoming book at the end of the story.

Here is my list of places I’ve posted The Silver Collar:

Do you have a freebie? How has it worked out for you?

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Inner Dialogue and Book Promotion

Hmm, she thought. How am I going to promote my book?

In addition to my constant perplexity about promoting my book, I came upon a writing issue that is not resolved! In writing my short story Horarium for Wattpad, I wanted to write someone’s inner dialogue and realized I wasn’t sure how to do that. Neither is the writing world, it seems. You can choose to put quotes in or you can write in italics. But nobody has convinced me that either way is the right way.

Here is a link about it:

I chose for myself. What do you think?

Also, I found a great link about book promotion from an author who feels pretty much the same way I do about book promotion. She has a timeline of her book there that I really appreciate seeing. She also found the best promotion was the free material she offered!

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Self-Publishing Timelines

There are plenty of lists telling you how long it will take you to get your book “out there” as an indie author. There aren’t many that outline how long it will take you to “Make it” in whatever way you see that. Amanda Hocking took one year. Another author mentioned that it took her 2 or 3 years before her books began to sell regularly.

Success in Self-publishing isn’t all about how you get the book out there. It is a big step, but it is the first step, not the end.

I’d love to make timeline of success! I have to “Make it” first. For me that means that people buy my books without me feeling I am squeezing buyers out like juice out of a turnip. It also means that my books pay themselves off (Editing and cover art costs, promotions and fees) within maybe a year. I’d be so happy with that!

I admit that when I first put out my book in September, I started daydreaming about buying myself a new car with my book earnings. I still do that from time to time.


Here are some timelines for the actual launch of the book: Page 15


A timeline about Self-published books and their successes, complete with graphs and charts:



Here are some other cool links I found while I was looking for the others. (That always happens!)  The New York Times on self-publishing and the changes in the publishing industry.  This is a Self-publishing Timeline in that it is a history of self-publishing. It will surprise you! A Directory of self-publishing companies.


Here is my “Timeline of Success” so far:


September 29, 2011: Released The Disenchanted Pet

10 sales total in the first month.

March 2012 Signed on Kindle Select: No sales AT ALL

Total sales for The Disenchanted Pet :

7 Createspace (paperback incl. Amazon)

10 Smashwords sales, 52 total downloads (including freebies)

8 Kindle sales


February 29,2012: Released The Lustre

Blog release party, 10 sales total during party

Promotion on multiple book sites

Total sales for The Lustre:

5 CreateSpace sales (paperback incl. Amazon)

10 Smashwords sales, 30 total downloads

14 Kindle sales

And The Silver Collar has sold 6 copies on Kindle even though it is free on Smashwords and I put a link to the free download as a “review”. People are so weird.

What is your “Timeline”?

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Sunday Blogging

I’ve been trying to figure out what it is about Sunday that makes it such a light blogging views day. I could hope that all of you Saints are spending the whole day at church, but that probably isn’t it.

Friday is by far my best views day. Whatever I post will get more views. Saturday is pretty good too. But Sunday you’re all tired of being online or raiding Heroic Valonia or something.

Do you read more blogs on Friday and skip it altogether on Sunday? Why?

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Deep Breath

Ok! I’m working on focusing. Deep breath! Aaah…Whoooo. Maybe I had too much coffee. (Kidding! There’s no such thing.)

I have to remind myself not to become anxious or insane about my writing success. My inner Cuckoo wants to SEE some RESULTS NOW!!!! But that isn’t how it works. This is a slow process, gradual.

This is, I think, a thing with authors. We begin to obsess about the mechanics of it, how many books we sell, how many people follow our blog…. It’s maddening, how slow everything is, especially in self-publishing.

My neuroses:

Am I doing it wrong?

Am I missing something?

Am I failing and don’t know it?

Why don’t people want to buy my book?

The truth:

This is a new frontier–online self-publishing. We are in the new Gold Rush.

It takes more than 9 months to “build a platform” and establish oneself online.

I am NOT writing for the money. I am selling to pay for editing so I can create something beautiful.

Just because I feel like having stuff happen, doesn’t mean it will.

Just because I’m too busy to deal with things doesn’t mean things won’t happen.

I can’t make this happen with my mental powers. (ESP and Telekinesis is very weak in my family. I can only move individual molecules with my mind. I can only read 1/2 second of people’s thoughts. It sounds like “Urp!” “Buh!” “Gek” :P)

What I am doing, when I have time to do it, is enough for now.

Breathe in, Aaaahhh. Breathe out, Whooo.



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Short Story Success!

I had to just drop a few lines to say that I am having amazing success with my free short story! (Thanks for reading if you did!) I just went over the 200 downloads mark in 3 weeks! It has surpassed my other free ebook already that has been out since November.

Also, I’ve gotten some feedback from friends who hadn’t gotten around to reading any of my work. I think I’m getting a chance because of the quick read. I’m always so happy when someone likes my writing–like I get when I buy someone the perfect gift.

I would definitely recommend the free short story as a promotion! I’ve gotten some sales since releasing my “free sample”!

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Kickstarter part 2

My Kickstarter project is live! Visit here:

And here is an interesting article on Kickstarter

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Kickstarter for Authors

A few weeks ago, my hubby suggested a site called Kickstarter to help me raise money for my upcoming launch this summer. It sounded like a great idea, but also scary. I found it hard to picture how an author would accomplish a successful project asking for other people’s money on this site.

Then, Rosa Sophia gave me a great link to an author’s site who had posted a project for funding on Kickstarter:

There are a lot of people that this filtered through!

This article gave me the information connection I needed to start my own project! I really needed some concrete examples of how this site was used specifically for books. I think the site felt a little overwhelming to me because there is SO MUCH there. This post gave me the boost I needed!

Here is the link to my preview:

Please let me know what you think about this preview! Does it look like something you would contribute to? Am I missing information? Could I word it better? Is the photo too abstract, or does it represent well my concept? (This isn’t my cover art.) Is the ball of energy too orange?

I plan to make a video, but my voice is all scratchy with a cold so I’ll try that in the next few days.

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Reaping the Benefits!

My book is up on ! My $45 didn’t go to waste YAAAYYY!! They gave no feedback about my (probably flubbed) sign-up so I was feeling worried.

Also it’s listed here (which was free).

On March 31st I had 10 Kindle book sales!!!! I know! That is twice as many as during my virtual launch party. I have to credit and DVW for that one because they both went live on that day. I wonder which got me more buys? Is there a way to tell? Best Ebook Reader Lovers looks like a winner because I haven’t had any new sales since then (Unless KDP has a delay reporting sales).

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