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Kickstarter for Authors

A few weeks ago, my hubby suggested a site called Kickstarter to help me raise money for my upcoming launch this summer. It sounded like a great idea, but also scary. I found it hard to picture how an author would accomplish a successful project asking for other people’s money on this site.

Then, Rosa Sophia gave me a great link to an author’s site who had posted a project for funding on Kickstarter:

There are a lot of people that this filtered through!

This article gave me the information connection I needed to start my own project! I really needed some concrete examples of how this site was used specifically for books. I think the site felt a little overwhelming to me because there is SO MUCH there. This post gave me the boost I needed!

Here is the link to my preview:

Please let me know what you think about this preview! Does it look like something you would contribute to? Am I missing information? Could I word it better? Is the photo too abstract, or does it represent well my concept? (This isn’t my cover art.) Is the ball of energy too orange?

I plan to make a video, but my voice is all scratchy with a cold so I’ll try that in the next few days.

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The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Host Blog: Rosa Sophia

Host Blog: Rosa Sophia

Thank you, Rosa Sophia, for sharing my book on your blog! Here is where you can see Rosa Sophia’s post:

Keep an eye out for her upcoming review!

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The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Guest Book: Dark Impressions by Rosa Sophia

Guest book: Dark Impressions by Rosa sophia

Genre: Dark Fantasy


In “Grave Chesapeake”, a young girl discovers that the scariest place–and the most comforting–is in the middle of the bay on a dark night. In “The Landing”, an old woman loses her mind, and an old man loses his footing. And finally, in “Photograph”, Claudette finds the horrors of her own past confined within a negative. In these short tales, Rosa Sophia tackles the darker sides of the human condition–loneliness, depression and most of all, a fear of facing the person that stares back from the other side of the mirror.

Buy it for Kindle

or Buy it for Nook

Author Bio:

Rosa Sophia has been writing since childhood.  Taking 1960, her first novel, was published by Oaklight Publishing in August of 2010.  Rosa began her editing work while she was still in high school; she worked as an intern and reviewed submissions for the Bucks County Writer.  Shortly after that, she joined the staff of Wild River Review and began doing freelance editing on the side.  She also taught a fiction writing workshop at Tinicum Art and Science and edited for a Writers Community geared toward alternative faiths.

Rosa currently divides her time between writing, editing, working, and pursuing a degree in Automotive Business Management.  Rosa is also the official Historian for the Village of North Palm Beach.  When she finds the time, she enjoys writing about automotive topicsand history.  Click here to visit her personal blog, The Back-words Writer.  Rosa currently resides in south Florida.

Learn more about Rosa Sophia at

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