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The Benefits of Blog Awards

Have you ever been included in a Blog Award? There are tons of them and you can’t blog for long without seeing them everywhere. But are they anything but a shout-out to your friends?

I think the most valuable thing I’ve received from a Blog Award is the networking! I got new follows and views from people I might never have found online through my blog awards. Each link is a connection to innumerable others who may find your blog. Whether you’re just looking for blog publicity, or whether you’re trying to promote something else through your blog, this is really the reward you get with a Blog Award. Plus, you get to pass it on to others too.

Besides that, blog awards provide you with content you might not otherwise get. If you’ve committed to regular blogging, you know how hard it is to create content sometimes. A lot of a Blog Award is already planned for you.

So I’d like to give an extra “Thank You” to everyone who has included me in their Blog Awards, shared their networks with me, and given me content for my blog! If you’ve been reluctant to join in on the Blog Awards, I’d encourage you to reconsider.


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Deep Breath

Ok! I’m working on focusing. Deep breath! Aaah…Whoooo. Maybe I had too much coffee. (Kidding! There’s no such thing.)

I have to remind myself not to become anxious or insane about my writing success. My inner Cuckoo wants to SEE some RESULTS NOW!!!! But that isn’t how it works. This is a slow process, gradual.

This is, I think, a thing with authors. We begin to obsess about the mechanics of it, how many books we sell, how many people follow our blog…. It’s maddening, how slow everything is, especially in self-publishing.

My neuroses:

Am I doing it wrong?

Am I missing something?

Am I failing and don’t know it?

Why don’t people want to buy my book?

The truth:

This is a new frontier–online self-publishing. We are in the new Gold Rush.

It takes more than 9 months to “build a platform” and establish oneself online.

I am NOT writing for the money. I am selling to pay for editing so I can create something beautiful.

Just because I feel like having stuff happen, doesn’t mean it will.

Just because I’m too busy to deal with things doesn’t mean things won’t happen.

I can’t make this happen with my mental powers. (ESP and Telekinesis is very weak in my family. I can only move individual molecules with my mind. I can only read 1/2 second of people’s thoughts. It sounds like “Urp!” “Buh!” “Gek” :P)

What I am doing, when I have time to do it, is enough for now.

Breathe in, Aaaahhh. Breathe out, Whooo.



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