Sunday Blogging

I’ve been trying to figure out what it is about Sunday that makes it such a light blogging views day. I could hope that all of you Saints are spending the whole day at church, but that probably isn’t it.

Friday is by far my best views day. Whatever I post will get more views. Saturday is pretty good too. But Sunday you’re all tired of being online or raiding Heroic Valonia or something.

Do you read more blogs on Friday and skip it altogether on Sunday? Why?

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Blogging

  1. Kate, usually on Sundays I write, though obviously I’m reading this. You’ve intrigued me — should I know? What is Heroic Valonia? Write about it!

    • I’m writing too! I’m working on another segment of Horarium. Heroic Valonia is a World of Warcraft location where players raid together. I have a gamer hubby, so I know that Sunday is prime gaming time. I do have a “blog friend” who writes about the World of Warcraft world.

      • Will read what you’ve done on Horarium so far, and the The Silver Collar.
        Oh, I thought you made up Heroic Valonia – got it now. So Sunday is gaming day? – sounds like fun!

  2. My posting days get the most views, but then it’s a seesaw from week to week for the other days. But today is definitely a light Sunday.

  3. Kate, the sign posted at the Zone in Horarium is chilling. Sorry, because I’m not on Facebook I can’t comment at wattpad.
    On to The Silver Collar…! Have fun writing,

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