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New Cover for Ox Herding: A Secular Pilgrimage

I am currently working with Jackie on her book through my Author Services! Here is her fabulous, brand new cover:

eBook CYMK


Jackie Griffiths has a BSc in Psychology and Computing and an MA in Psychoanalytic Studies, and has been writing fiction and non-fiction material for twenty years. She founded an online copywriting business providing content for websites, print and digital media, before selling up to concentrate on her novels and short stories. She now lives in abject poverty in the freezing ruins of an old sewage works somewhere in the UK, where she is currently working on her third novel.

Book Description:

Jae has many questions about the meaning of life and the purpose of her existence, but frustratingly, no answers. After the death of her agnostic grandmother, with whom she had her most fruitful philosophical discussions, she embarks on a personal journey to fulfil a mysterious note left to her in the will: ‘Seek and ye shall find.’

The plot follows Jae as one spring day she walks over a bridge into a strange world on the other side of the river. There she encounters challenging situations and unusual people offering tempting theories about the meaning of life. From then on she devotes all her energy to pursuing answers to the philosophical questions that drive her, experiencing a series of extraordinary adventures, until eventually she arrives at a completely unexpected conclusion.

‘Ox-herding’ is a term used to describe the search for meaning, purpose and spirituality that does not result in the finding of God, or of any other external authority. The ox represents the elemental beast within us all: ego. ‘Herding’ our ego is the struggle to recognise, battle with, control, subdue, and finally, transcend the ego. Based on the successive phases of understanding as presented in the Chinese philosophical classic, ‘The Ten Ox Herding Pictures,’ this story has ten chapters through which Jae journeys, discovering the meaning and secret to an enlightened yet thoroughly modern life; a place where all her doubts and questions are dissolved, a place without suffering or fear, yet firmly located in the midst of ordinary life. ‘Ox Herding: A Secular Pilgrimage’ describes how she gets there in a Carrollesque adventure involving remarkable people in extraordinary settings, and sees Jae wrestling a bull, performing in a concert, becoming a guru, engaging in dharma combat, and wandering through the Biblical garden of Eden.

For more information, please visit:

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Another Stab

Did I scare you?

I’ve been working on cover designs to update Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic. This is the winner of this round. What do you think? Any suggestions?

Djabbim cover 4

Is it an improvement over the original cover? (I love this cover but I’m told it looks too Middle Grade instead of New Adult)

Embellished 6 front



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It’s a cover-up!

TDP cover new b   Horarium Cover 2a front


Here is the latest tweak on two of my cover remixes. What do you think? Any last critiques before I officially change the cover for these two?

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New cover for The Silver Collar

I just thought I’d show you my project for today: a new cover for The Silver Collar! I’m spiffing up the story too with better editing and structure. The Silver Collar is always free (except on Amazon but they won’t change it).

The Silver Collar

Photo by Marek Bernat

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Virtual Release Party Guest Artist: Heidi Barnett

Artist: Heidi Barnett

Heidi is an active and prolific artist. Her gorgeous work on the cover of Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic really wowed everybody! She works as an independent artist on many types of projects such as book cover design and portfolio pieces. She’s also been working through a studio in Mukilteo teaching after-school art classes for children, teaching them techniques like painting, printmaking to clay. She’s taught art in the Senior communities for the past 12 years. Her other current projects include painting a playground map with the kids of Cascade Elementary and a Mural of their school mascot, a cougar. She also recently completed a four-floor mural in Rainier Valley.

For Heidi, art not isn’t just a job or an outlet but a way of life. Color is very important to her and how colors help the viewer feel moods and emotions. The colors often relay a story behind each piece of art.

Heidi is a re-issuance artist, having the ability to work in a variety of mediums from oil paints to jewelry designing. Her passion is for painting and she loves to paint murals. She lives in Everett, Washington and loves opening her students’ eyes to new and exciting ways of thinking creatively as well as artistically.She is an expert at breaking art down into a level in which all can be satisfied with the creation they have made.

Heidi on “How I came to find myself as an artist”:
“I grew up in Southern California surrounded by art, my Mother being an artist herself. Art has always been a way of life for me and what we do. Christmas time was always exciting because it meant new art supplies. Around the age of fourteen I started getting serious about painting, learning the techniques and how to use color, shapes, and perspective. I have study art in collage as well as Art History. I found that I truly learned the most studying under artist I admire watching their techniques and making them my own.  I also enjoy working with my husband who is an artist himself. I find we benefit each other well in the areas of art I am weak he seem to make up and vise versa. So we are able to encourage and teach each one another.  We have worked on pieces together and apart. We over all help develop and encourage each other to grow in our own unique styles.”

See her page with more of her artwork here:

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Cover Work Continued

I felt like my cover needed something to look more like a professional cover than it did.

Here’s what it looked like after my first round of experiments:


This is what I came up with after some more tinkering:

What do you think of my changes? Should I keep them?


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Ducks in a Row

My title is chosen and my cover is ready, so it was time to fix up my book page for Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic. Se it here:

My revised trailer video is there, or you can see it here:

I also started a new Kickstarter campaign. It isn’t active yet but you can see the preview here:

This time I worked my project as more of a pre-order program with some extras included. If you wanted to buy my book, this is a fun way to get it, with extras available if you want more than just what you can get on Amazon.

I learned more about how to better run the Kickstarter project.

1. Make your low earnings goal as your project goal, not your maximum amount. You can earn and keep money above your goal amount, but you lose it all if you don’t reach your goal.

2. Don’t run the project too early before rewards will be available. I’m closer to the time when I can give buyers their rewards for contributing.

3. Provide plenty of  inexpensive rewards. If I were thinking of contributing, it wouldn’t be $20 to some stranger’s book.

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Cover Work

 I Seattle-ized this one. Is blue really better?

Been tweaking the cover more! Special thanks to Cynthia Mael, Marc Policani, Tahlia Newland, and Maria Tatham for their input! The back cover will be the same for all, except the first will have a tan back instead of red.

What do you think?

See them all here

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New Book Cover

First, I have to say how much I LOVE my cover art! Heidi Barnett did a fantastic job!

What do you think? Is there anything I can tweak to make it better?

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Tale of Three Covers

My darling hubby had yet another fabulous idea: don’t choose which cover I like best. Do them all! My Facebook Peeps all voted for multiple covers, but liked the cream and black one best. On Facebook, my blog, and friends in person preferred the blue cover. Most authors chose the red. I wonder what that says about the different people groups. Nobody really spoke up for the one with the dark blue cover, and I was able to combine the red lettering that some people liked with the design on the blue-gray one.

I added a blue jewel to the necklace partly because that is how I envisioned the jewelry Angelina would wear, and partly because I wanted to avoid any copyright issues with the original necklace.

So  here are the three covers for The Lustre!


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Cover Noodling

I have been messing around with CreateSpace Cover Creator, seeing what I might make into my cover! My photos are generously supplied by my Dad, who I hope will let me feature some of his other photographs for my Virtual Launch Party. What do you think? Which is your favorite?



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