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Virtual Release Party: The Chapter Photos

I’d like to extend special thanks to the wonderful photographers who shared their photos with me for the chapter photos in Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic! There were so many cool shots of the kooky Seattle landmarks that it was hard to choose which ones to use. But these photos were the cream of the crop! Of course, I gave them credit inside the book, and a free ecopy of the book, but I want to be sure to include them in the party as a wonderful part of my book!

See all the photos as they appear in the book here:

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The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Guest Artist: Chris Barker

Guest Artist: Chris Barker

In the interest of nepotism and free photographic materials, I’ve included my dad, Chris Barker in my party! He really deserves recognition as an artist too. He took my fabulous cover photos (both of them) for The Lustre and he composed the music for the trailer for The Disenchanted Pet! He is multi-talented!

I met Chris Barker shortly after birth and have been enjoying his creative efforts more or less since then. His “super-runs” and crazy driving habits were especially appreciated in my early years. Lately, since he hasn’t been plagued with providing for and then entertaining children, he has taken to photography. He’s quite awesome!

An online resume of Chris Barker’s music is here: (The Lustre Video Trailer music is the clip “Messages – trying to remember what happy was like”.)

You can see much of Chris Barker’s other non-cover-art photos on

Here are a few of his pics:

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The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Artist Feature : Megan Michaelis

Guest Artist: Megan Michaelis

It was a sunny, balmy, breezy August day when my family and I met Megan Michaelis. The Ballard Locks was the location of our family portrait session, with a few author photos slipped in! She blended right into the crazy, party attitude that my three monkeys…er…children always have, especially in parks and in front of cameras. She took no offence that Mira wouldn’t make any nice faces, only silly ones. She got Caius-the-serious to smile naturally a few times! It didn’t phase her when Corbin suddenly decided his portion of the photo session was OVER. She captured my handsome hubby’s nurturing side and also managed to make me look good! The beautiful pictures she took were an amazing value for a family with a crazy novelist mother paying for editing and stuff!

Megan is an engineer by day and a photographer nights and weekends. She started taking pictures when she got a good camera so she could take better photos while hiking, backpacking and traveling. Over the past two years that has evolved into a love for photographing PEOPLE. Everything she knows is self-taught. When people ask her how she learned about photography, she tells them “I read a few books and took a LOT of pictures!!”

Want to know more? Visit her site!

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Cover Noodling

I have been messing around with CreateSpace Cover Creator, seeing what I might make into my cover! My photos are generously supplied by my Dad, who I hope will let me feature some of his other photographs for my Virtual Launch Party. What do you think? Which is your favorite?



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Megan Michaelis Photography Shout-out!

I want to post a special thanks to Megan Michaelis and her beautiful headshots of me! Working with her was a pleasure and she took some fantastic photos. She was extremely accomodating, allowing me to take my headshots along with my family photo session, and I really appreciate that.
Thanks again, Megan!!/MeganMichaelisPhoto?sk=info

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