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Tale of Three Covers

My darling hubby had yet another fabulous idea: don’t choose which cover I like best. Do them all! My Facebook Peeps all voted for multiple covers, but liked the cream and black one best. On Facebook, my blog, and friends in person preferred the blue cover. Most authors chose the red. I wonder what that says about the different people groups. Nobody really spoke up for the one with the dark blue cover, and I was able to combine the red lettering that some people liked with the design on the blue-gray one.

I added a blue jewel to the necklace partly because that is how I envisioned the jewelry Angelina would wear, and partly because I wanted to avoid any copyright issues with the original necklace.

So  here are the three covers for The Lustre!


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My New Favorite Earrings!

I had one of those ideas that hit you right while you are trying to go to sleep, only this time it wasn’t for writing. It was for promotion! What do you think? I hope they’ll be conversation-starters. I may try making them with some other media too because it was so much fun making them!

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