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Virtual Release Party Guest Artist: Heidi Barnett

Artist: Heidi Barnett

Heidi is an active and prolific artist. Her gorgeous work on the cover of Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic really wowed everybody! She works as an independent artist on many types of projects such as book cover design and portfolio pieces. She’s also been working through a studio in Mukilteo teaching after-school art classes for children, teaching them techniques like painting, printmaking to clay. She’s taught art in the Senior communities for the past 12 years. Her other current projects include painting a playground map with the kids of Cascade Elementary and a Mural of their school mascot, a cougar. She also recently completed a four-floor mural in Rainier Valley.

For Heidi, art not isn’t just a job or an outlet but a way of life. Color is very important to her and how colors help the viewer feel moods and emotions. The colors often relay a story behind each piece of art.

Heidi is a re-issuance artist, having the ability to work in a variety of mediums from oil paints to jewelry designing. Her passion is for painting and she loves to paint murals. She lives in Everett, Washington and loves opening her students’ eyes to new and exciting ways of thinking creatively as well as artistically.She is an expert at breaking art down into a level in which all can be satisfied with the creation they have made.

Heidi on “How I came to find myself as an artist”:
“I grew up in Southern California surrounded by art, my Mother being an artist herself. Art has always been a way of life for me and what we do. Christmas time was always exciting because it meant new art supplies. Around the age of fourteen I started getting serious about painting, learning the techniques and how to use color, shapes, and perspective. I have study art in collage as well as Art History. I found that I truly learned the most studying under artist I admire watching their techniques and making them my own.  I also enjoy working with my husband who is an artist himself. I find we benefit each other well in the areas of art I am weak he seem to make up and vise versa. So we are able to encourage and teach each one another.  We have worked on pieces together and apart. We over all help develop and encourage each other to grow in our own unique styles.”

See her page with more of her artwork here:

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