Cover Noodling

I have been messing around with CreateSpace Cover Creator, seeing what I might make into my cover! My photos are generously supplied by my Dad, who I hope will let me feature some of his other photographs for my Virtual Launch Party. What do you think? Which is your favorite?



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16 thoughts on “Cover Noodling

  1. I like the red/gray cover the best. Definitely interested in reading this.

  2. The red jumps off the page first.

  3. Kate, I like the first one (upper left) because the text is so legible, and all its elements look elegant together. My second pick is the red, which — it’s true — does jump off the page.

    Would definitely like to read and review it, Kate. I just have no reader, so it would have to be in pdf (the format of my copy of Disenchanted Pet). ?

  4. I like the red one, except the title box needs better color, bigger font and positioned so it doesn’t cover the image, and I’d like to see your (proud) author name in a larger font. 🙂

  5. Red 🙂

  6. You know, this is the kind of smart solution publishing this way gives a writer.

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