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Ducks in a Row

My title is chosen and my cover is ready, so it was time to fix up my book page for Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic. Se it here:

My revised trailer video is there, or you can see it here:

I also started a new Kickstarter campaign. It isn’t active yet but you can see the preview here:

This time I worked my project as more of a pre-order program with some extras included. If you wanted to buy my book, this is a fun way to get it, with extras available if you want more than just what you can get on Amazon.

I learned more about how to better run the Kickstarter project.

1. Make your low earnings goal as your project goal, not your maximum amount. You can earn and keep money above your goal amount, but you lose it all if you don’t reach your goal.

2. Don’t run the project too early before rewards will be available. I’m closer to the time when I can give buyers their rewards for contributing.

3. Provide plenty of  inexpensive rewards. If I were thinking of contributing, it wouldn’t be $20 to some stranger’s book.

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Title Contest Winner!

OK! Decisions! I’m going with my gut (and all your suggestions) and changing the title to “Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic”!

Thanks for all your help! This title is actually one I made up. (Blush!) So I randomly chose from all the entrants for the special post during my launch party (With The winner is Nadia Riell! I will give you the post and the copy of the book.

Thanks again for voting!

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Book Title Contest Poll

Book synopsis, trailer, and excerpt here: Choose up to 5!

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Book Title Contest: The Entries

Here are all the suggested titles for the Book Title Contest. I will set up the poll for the top 5 next. If yours is missing, be sure to let me know!

Been There, Magicked That, Got the T-Shirt

I Don’t Believe in Magic

Accidental Magic

Vrevzirma is 20/20

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic

Enchanting Friends and Magicians

A Kiss for the Convergence

The Enchantment of the Red Txenar

Children of the Teimnydduus

How to Enchant Friends and Influence Magicians

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