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Examining Blogs Found By Their Tags

I will say again that the “Tag Surfer” page, found under the “Dashboard” category of the admin page, is designed to be and is one of the best ways to connect with others online through WordPress. WordPress is set up to link your blog to other WordPress blogs through this page and I really enjoy using it. It isn’t very intuitive the way it is set up, like so many other WordPress pages, starting out completely blank and offering no hints on the page.

The way to use it, if you’re stumped, is to type words into the little window and click the “add” button. Your words should be things you want to read about in others’ blogs.

When I put in the tag “Fiction” or “Writing”, I get lots of long, long posts containing people’s writings. “Novel” is a mix of people posting their chapters and people discussing novels–theirs and others’. As someone who is doing the work of making my writing into a book and even charging for my work, I’m kind of baffled by the “post everything online” concept of writing. I don’t really know whether to think of these as brave souls or people squandering their opportunities. Maybe it is a little bit of both.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot for me to link in those kinds of posts on a blog about self-publishing, so I have to “X” them. My best Tags are “Self-publishing”, “Author”, and “Novel”. The list of posts with those tags are usually full of win.

When I search, I am looking for people’s takes on self-publishing, authors who are promoting their books, reviewers who might review my book one day, reviewers in general so I can find books, and any other cool posts that might give me some new insights. These are the blogs I follow. The blogs I don’t follow are ones that don’t fit with the focus of mine. If you are writing a nonfiction book about boat refurbishing, I’m probably not going to follow you unless you are also self-publishing and writing a lot about that. I don’t follow a lot of the “chapter post” blogs because, while I appreciate free fiction, the posts are often really long and have nothing I can share. If the author is posting an excerpt, that is different. You’ll see, though, that the reeeeeaaaaalllllyy long posts are often “chapter posts”.

Normally when I “Tag Surf” I go through the whole list and open the interesting posts in a new tab. Then I go through each tab, follow, and sometimes link in my own post. This is really important because other pages linking to your page makes your page more attractive to search engines!

So, on to the actual links! A post that has an interesting point about the first four words of a novel. Also, the first four words of her novel, and then some. Here is something I never thought of when getting ready for publishing! Ah! So many details! There were a lot of interesting links on the left side of this page. This one is going to take longer and I might make a post about it all by itself! Here is an article for a new self-publisher out of Australia. Normally I wouldn’t link this, but I am meeting so many authors from Down Under on WordPress that I really should. I feel so international! Here is your official permission to, as an adult, read YA fiction. I didn’t know that we needed permission, so I’m so glad I have it now. I love to read YA fiction because I know I’m probably not going to have to skip over any uncomfortable sex scenes or read embarrassing descriptions of genitalia.


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What I Have and What I Need

I finally achieved more than 50 views today, and it’s only morning! Whose radar did I suddenly get on? Thanks, whoever you are!!

***Update! featured my article, Things I Thought Would Be Different About Self-Publishing on their Self-Published Author Daily!!stories Thanks for posting me!***

Book sales are not awesome and not improving. How do I fix it? The thing that I think will help launch my flightless book sales is to get a review on a review blog. I’m not sure how to accomplish that, though, because just emailing them my stuff hasn’t done it. I am careful to read all the blog submission requirements and everything, but no nibbles.

If any of my fellow bloggers would like to review my book, I’ll give you a free ebook copy! I’ll also review your book in return if you like. (Puppy Eyes)

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Tag surfin’! Tag-tag surfin’!

They should really call it “Tag Fishing” because it is like finding some that are whoppers, some that are minnows, and some old boots.

Here are my faves from today: I love the hard evidence, and I’m encouraged that though I am not making wads of money, the odds are in my favor. This one was short but fat with goodness.

Also there is a long one but interesting Maybe this one is an eel. I liked her progression through the book writing process to fame.

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Marketing on Amazon by Brian Kittrell

I just breezed through the short but sweet ebook Marketing on Amazon by Brian Kittrell. Most of it is stuff I have already read before and posted here, but there were two good nuggets in there I haven’t heard of before.

The first is Tagging on Amazon. Here is the link about that and how to do it. Writers will want all their friends to tag their books.

The second is yet another place to get your book reviewed, but this one looks like a biggie: “The Midwest Book Review is an organization of volunteers committed to promoting literacy, library usage, and small press publishing.” You can also ask them to add your website to their site network.

If you want to read the book yourself, go to

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