Virtual Release Party: Review by The Bookworm Extraordinaire


Please visit the very first review of Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic, written by The Bookworm Extraordinaire. Thank you for the delightful review, Bookworm!

The review went up in September, but Bookworm is also hosting! Visit her party post here:

And see the review here:

About the Bookworm

Bookworm Extraordiare is a pseudonym for the person behind the reviews. That’s me! I feel that I can be harsh with my critisizms sometimes, and I don’t feel like retribution on my real life. I enjoy the read, but I also enjoy books that are not foolishly written. I will be reviewing published and non-published books on this blog. See definitions as to what I mean by pusblished and non-published in the footer.*I review mainly YA books, but I will dabble in others if interested. So if you see a book that is not YA in my lists, just a head’s up.I will also be doing contests as the blog progresses! I will be doing “Saturday Jams,” as well as “Turbulent Tuesdays.” If you do not have a clue what I’m talking about, and probably do not since this is my blog, then stick around!

Hey, if you would like for me to follow you, just send and email. If you join me, I will try and keep up and follow you also. Us bloggers have to stick together!

The Bookworm!

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2 thoughts on “Virtual Release Party: Review by The Bookworm Extraordinaire

  1. Karon McCulloch

    This review was very accurate and concise – to add my two cents, it was an enjoyable read.

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