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Sunshine Award!

Thank you Lolo for nominating me for the Sunshine Award and always putting a smile on face!

Please check out her blog:

Here are the rules for the award:

  • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself.
  • Nominate other fabulous bloggers.
  • Link your nominees to this post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.
  • Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

What is a favorite childhood memory? – I loved the feeling of really believing I was a unicorn or a princess. I entered fully into my play and felt like I was the thing I imagined.

What is a real fear you have? I am afraid bad things will happen to my kids. I see little movies in my head of awful things and I panic a little. It’s a real opportunity to trust God.

How would you describe yourself? I’m a complete nerd. I try really hard to look and act normal, but deep down I’m a total geek.
What Countries have you lived in? United States of America

What is your style? Action-ready and as nice as I can manage without ruining nice clothes. I confess, I occasionally buy clothing items at Costco. If given the opportunity, though, I always choose the most expensive item in a store. It’s a talent.

What is your favorite breakfast food? I have no particular favorite, but rather choose based on what keeps me from having hypoglycemia later in the morning.

What are some of your hobbies? Writing, reading, home improvement, crafts, singing, cooking, sewing. I used to have more, but I’m too busy.

If you could tell people anything, what would be the most important thing to say? Jesus loves you, died for you (you sinner), and all you have to do is accept it.

What is one of your passions? I am passionate about kids and helping them grow up awesome.

What is the one truth you have learned? People are not basically good, but they aren’t any worse or better than I am.

And here are my 10 nominees (my newest blog followers):

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The Virtual Launch Party Analysis

I would say that this party was a great success!

The biggest success was in blog views. I recieved 170 the first day, 133 the second and, 127 on the third day. Normally I get between15 and 50 views when I post something. I also got 18 spam posts! (Hehe it stinks but it also shows that even spammers were paying attention.) I had 31 total likes on posts.

The most popular posts were:

Title Views
The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Editor Feature: Kathleen Firstenberg 32
The Lustre Virtual Launch Party: First Pre-review! 18
How Not to Publish a Novel Yourself 18
Launch Party: The Lustre 13
Launch Party: The Lustre! Under Construction… 13
The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Guest Artist: Chris Barker 10
The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Guest Artist: Erik Sederstrom 9
The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Host Blog: Kathleen Firstenberg 9
The Disenchanted Pet 8
100th Follower!!! 8
The Lustre 8
Books for Sale 7
Some ‘Splainin To Do 7
The Lustre Virtual Launch Party: Free Ebook! 6
The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Guest Artist: Heidi Barnett 6
The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Host Blog: Rosa Sophia 6
The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Guest Book: A Hole in the Pavement by Tahlia Newland 6
Author Profile 5
The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Artist Feature : Megan Michaelis 5
Introducing…The Lustre! 5
Thank You! 5
The Making of The Lustre Trailer 5
The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Favor: Discount Coupon for Print Books 5

My book sales were great too. I sold 4 print books and 3 Kindle books. These aren’t fantastic numbers but it is way more than I sold during my diminutive release of The Disenchanted Pet. The Black and White print cover won out with 2 sales versus one each of the red and slate.

I gained 4 blog followers for a total of 101 and 5 new twitter followers. I had one new Goodreads buddy (Thanks Maria!) , but nobody tried LibraryThing.

Maria Tatham was the hands-down participant winner and I need to think of a great gift for her to thank her for being so involved!

Was it worth the work? Absolutely. It was a lot of work with little return but also great to connect with so many people and try something completely new.

What results did you see participants, on your site? I’d love for you to post them in replies!

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A Very Merry Un-Birthday to YOU!

It’s my birthday! My birthday present to myself is also my un-birthday present to you, my followers. For my birthday I have combed through all my blog followers’ sites, oldest to newest, and bought another round of ebooks! I will read and review them, with your approval. Here are the books I just bought:

Tirfo Thuin by Andrew Butterworth $0.99

The Flower Bowl Spell by Olivia Boler $9.99

Megan and Liam: a CITY WEDDING Novel by Maggie Carlise $2.99 (I downloaded the preview by accident, thinking it was the full book. This is why I posted no review yet.)

Hyblood (The Wolva Trilogy) by Stephanie Budd $2.99

The Seventh Stone by Pamela Hegarty $2.99

The Kingdom Trilogy by Sean McGuire $2.99

Etchings of Power (Aegis of the Gods) by Terry C. Simpson $2.99

The Index, Book 1: Mages (The Index Series)’ by Katherine Gilraine $2.99

All of these were Kindle books. Kindle sure is popular now!

Now there are a few reasons your book may not be here. I may not have been able to see that you have a book, that is a BIG problem. BE SURE to fix it though, because anyone seeing your blog MUST be able to instantly find your book for sale. Honest.  I’m really surprised how many blogs there were that didn’t have a link to the books right on top! Some blogs, I could tell the person was a writer, but couldn’t easily find a way to buy their book. Really, guys, people should be able to accidentally click on links to buy your book on your sites. No digging should be necessary! Several of the books I did buy, the author hadn’t set up an author page on It’s simple and free, and I recommend that everyone do this!

I may not have bought your book because of high price. This time I bought based on price, only buying books priced $2.99 or less so I could buy the maximum number of books for review. Frankly, if it your ebook more than $5 there isn’t a huge chance that I will buy your book anytime soon unless I have read your books before and liked them. I’m only spending $20 on books this birthday after all. If you still want my review, I would be happy to accept a review copy and add you to the list.

Finally, if I have already reviewed one of your books, I have not bought a second at this time. I am getting increasing numbers of requests for reviews and haven’t actually finished my reviews from Christmas. Again, if you would like a review of more of your books, I would be delighted to accept a review copy.

Here is the list of books from Christmas that I have yet to review, including Blog Tours and review submittals:

  • The Priest and the Peaches by Larry Peterson (Blog Tour, Review Finished, to be posted tomorrow)
  • The Warden Threat Defying Fate book #1) by DL Morrese (Finished and review to be posted later today *** birthday craziness prevented my posting, so I will post Saturday 2/11***.)
  • The Queen and the Handyman By Maria Tatham (Next)
  • Disposable People by Ezekel Alan (Before March)
  • Taking over the World by Jolene Stockman
  • Index Book 3: Lineage   By Katherine Gilraine
  • Three Girls and a Wedding by Rachel Schurig
  • Flash Bites by Krista Bunskoek
  • Evolussion by Kathy Bell
  • Revolussion by Kathy Bell
  • The Warden War (G.O.D. Corp.) by DL Morrese
  • Until Next Time: The Angel Chronicles, Book 1 by Amy Lignor (Book tour, April)

These books will be reviewed before my Birthday books, but unless there is a note, this is only a tentative schedule. If your book should be on here and is not, let me know ASAP so I can get it in there!

Because my list is now so long, I probably will not do this book buying spree again before summer.

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