The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Guest Artist: Erik Sederstrom

Guest Artist: Erik Sederstrom

Erik Sederstrom teamed up with his wife, Heidi Barnett to create the cover for The Disenchanted Pet!

I met Erik and Heidi when I was looking on our church website for an artist for my first book cover. Seattle is a fabulous place to find artists and our church is a very art-friendly community. I had a lot of fun exchanging ideas about the cover art and seeing what they would visualize. Both artists were very patient with all my little details about the perfect image. Erik came over with the final piece and we worked for quite a while photographing it from different angles to get just the right shot.

His website is still under construction.

Here are some of his other fabulous pieces!

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7 thoughts on “The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Guest Artist: Erik Sederstrom

  1. Kate, it was fun to hear more about how the cover of The Disenchanted Pet came to be. It must be great to be in a church that encourages artists and writers in their gifts.

    Erik, the cover of DP is great. Kate mentioned that it’s a kind of funny family portrait. The work here is frightening, original, intriguing. Best wishes to you and Heidi!

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