New Review: The Rag, Vol 5


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The Rag, Vol 5

Genre: Literary Fiction, Magazine, Anthology, Poetry


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About the Magazine:

The Rag was founded in September 2011 by Seth Porter and Dan Reilly, who serve as the primary readers and editors. Krissy Marheine designs the magazine and this website. The name The Rag came about both because it speaks to our underlying ethic-we’re independent, and we like our writing on the gritty and grimy side-and because it looks back to the heyday of writing and publishing, when you could read good stories or poetry in just about any old rag, and writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald were able to make a living from writing short stories alone. But the rags that used to publish cutting-edge writing either died off or grew up and turned stale. At The Rag, we hope to be on the front line of a new vanguard of electronic literary magazines with the means and the will to seek out and then support fresh voices.

We think literature is and always will be important to our culture, and a vibrant literary community requires writers who can afford to write. Bylines don’t pay the bills. So, we always pay our writers. This helps draw in the talent, and that’s the ultimate goal, discovering and publishing talented new writers, and creating a magazine worth reading.

About this volume:

What defines an action as good or evil? What drives a person to act immorally? These are some of the questions underlying the selections in our 5th issue.


“Memento Mori” by Stefanie Demas
“No Sleep Since 1903” by Nick Mecikalski (poetry)
“Monolith” by Petros Karagianis (poetry)
“Yes, Officer” by John Woods
“Not Giving to the Alumni Fund” by David Blanton
“Putting in the Work” by Steve Russo
“Karl’s Last Night” by Laura Andrews
“The Observer Effect” by Matthew Meade
“The Man Who Wouldn’t Jump” by Isaac Savage
“The Queue” by Ashley Ahn (poetry)
“Citizen of Megabus” by Reina Hardy (poetry)
“Passing Through” by Jack Varvill
“Zeke Stargazing” by Rachel Kimbrough
“Vibrancy” by Marcus Emanuel
“Cats as the Meaning of Life” by Misty Lynn Ellingburg (poetry)
“Digital Desert Camouflage” by Isaac Pritzker (poetry)
“The Girl with Pretension in Her Hair” by Bill Lytton
“Olivia” by Philip Zigman

Cover and internal art by Meredith Robinson

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