The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Guest Artist: Chris Barker

Guest Artist: Chris Barker

In the interest of nepotism and free photographic materials, I’ve included my dad, Chris Barker in my party! He really deserves recognition as an artist too. He took my fabulous cover photos (both of them) for The Lustre and he composed the music for the trailer for The Disenchanted Pet! He is multi-talented!

I met Chris Barker shortly after birth and have been enjoying his creative efforts more or less since then. His “super-runs” and crazy driving habits were especially appreciated in my early years. Lately, since he hasn’t been plagued with providing for and then entertaining children, he has taken to photography. He’s quite awesome!

An online resume of Chris Barker’s music is here: (The Lustre Video Trailer music is the clip “Messages – trying to remember what happy was like”.)

You can see much of Chris Barker’s other non-cover-art photos on

Here are a few of his pics:

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4 thoughts on “The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Guest Artist: Chris Barker

  1. Beautiful photos! Great eye 🙂

    Lesley Carter (Bucket List Publications Editor)!/LesleyMCarter

  2. Terrific pictures, and fun and happy glimpse of your Dad!

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