The Making of The Lustre Trailer

I’m rushing to get the trailer done for The Lustre before the Launch Party. I procrastinated quite fabulously and I also waited on some people who weren’t completely stoked about helping. Communication was garbled…

Anyway, it looks like I’m going to get it done! I lowered my expectations and pestered my poor Dad and now I have 2 clips yet to film. Yes, I’m using video instead of photos and I have to say, it is just as easy to put it together as it was to do the trailer for The Disenchanted Pet. See how I did that here. I will definitely post instructions on how it is different with video. Spoiler: It’s not that much more complicated.

I had a lot of fun burning paper on the deck to make ashes. At the end of winter, I didn’t think they’d be very hard to find, but they were. Who knew? My secret ingredient for supplementing the volume of ash was baking soda. Powdered sugar wasn’t as satisfying, I think. It also did not poof up into the air when I vacuumed it off the rug with my Hoover Wind Tunnel, but that is because it is HEPA filtered. We’ll see if I can wash the ashes out of the shirt. No, I’m not going to tell you what I needed ashes for. You’ll have to wait for the trailer and/or read the book. (My pre-reviewers will have some idea about what it is for!)

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2 thoughts on “The Making of The Lustre Trailer

  1. Great teaser, Kate, and very funny having read it.

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