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Library Thing has been mentioned in my web readings here and there, but didn’t really take the time to look. Since an author of a book I reviewed requested I put my review up there, I signed up. Here is my page:

Library Thing is a lot like Goodreads, but slightly less flashy with more emphasis on  information. There is a lot more room for detailed information too. For example, if you write with multiple pen names, this would be a great place to clarify that. There is a forum and they have groups just like Goodreads, but no alerts or mail (that I could see).

It was pretty easy and quick to sign up as an author and it was automatically connected to all the information I input before the approval. There is no block, that I could see, from anybody out there inputting information about any author or book. This was interesting and a little scary. Aside from the author page, they have an Author Chat area and an Early Reviewer section to review books before they are available to the public.

I feel more and more like I am just repeating information on all these sites, but I figure that if I get another reader, it was worth it. Overall, I am focusing on the blogging and Goodreads because there is no great way to use them all to their fullest unless I man the sites full time and stop writing. Since I signed up because of the writing, that would be nuts. And since I don’t want my kids turning feral (and mine would), I won’t be doing anything else full time anytime soon.

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2 thoughts on “Library Thing

  1. I just recently got an account. Now I just need to work on the profile page. 🙂

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