Some ‘Splainin To Do

So what is this Virtual Launch Party thing, Kate?

Why, I’m glad you asked! I’ll get into detail:

If you have hosted a blog tour before, it is very similar to that only a shorter time frame and not as wide a range (because I can’t afford to pay to have that done right now.)

I will be posting all day with lots of juicy things: Of course, I’ll be advertising my new book. The Pre-reviewers will all be featured when they post their reviews. I’m also posting “Guest Books” by authors I know in person or online. This means I just introduce another book in a post during the party. I’ll have posts linking reviews of the “Guest Books” too. I have a few “Guest Artist” features where I’ll tell about an artist and post some images of their work–So far I have my author image photographer and my cover artists for The Disenchanted Pet. I’ll post about the editor of the book, and some others. I’ll also be having giveaways. I’ll give away several ebooks and some print books, including one print copy of a “Guest Book”.

If you are interested in participating, what I ask from you is for you to post on your site about the book, whatever you’d like be it a review or one of the post materials I supply, along with the pretty party banner. I also provide a “Party Badge” to put up too if you like that kind of thing. If you’d like to be featured, I need the pictures and descriptive content about what you’d like to share. For artists, etc. I need a little bio information and a sample of your work to feature. For “Guest Books” I need all the info you would provide for me to advertise your book on my site. That includes links and pictures and stuff. If you have a giveaway such as a coupon or freebies, I’ll need to know that too. I understand that giveaways give you lots of attention for your services or books.

If any of this appeals to you, please let me know because there is plenty of room on the internet for any size of party we want!

All the people involved so far and the giveaways are listed on the Party Construction Page here:

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