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Breaking through!

The first round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award posted today and!!!!

Sprite 41AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! So excited!!!!!!

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Blog Hop Rafflecopter Winner


The Rafflecoptor winner for all of my ebooks is Kathy Doolittle Fuierer! I’ve sent you an email, Kathy! Thanks to all who participated in the Hop.

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An e-magazine

Open publication – Free publishingMore authors

This is another part of the previous post’s contest. I hope I’m doing this right!

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A cool author contest!

These are links (I think) to an authors-only contest for free publicity. Check it out!

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And the Winners Are…

Here are the winners for the free books this weekend at the Virtual Release Party! I used to pick the random winners. I will contact winners in the medium in which they won (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) with directions on how to claim their prize.

  • One random New Twitter follower of @KPtwitrnovel will win a free ebook. – Karen Hodges Miller
  • Those who like Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic  and/or Kate Policani on Facebook between Oct 26th and Oct 28th will be entered for a chance to win one of 3 free ebooks. 1 entry for each page liked!
    1. Lloyd Evans
    2. John C. Scott
    3. Le Anne Knibb
  • One random re-post of any of my posts about the Release Party on Facebook will win a free ebook. It looked like nobody re-posted via Facebook. If you did and I couldn’t see it for some reason, please reply below so you can win!
  • One person who “likes” Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic on Amazon will win a free ebook. One person liked and won! Please reply below if that was you! (it doesn’t say who liked)
  • One person who “tags” Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic on Amazon will win a free ebook (Yes, you can do that without owning it.) Nobody tagged 😦
  • One person who clicks “This was Helpful” on a review of Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic on Amazon will win a free ebook. Three people clicked! Please reply below if this was you.

How to win a paperback copy of Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic

(I’ll sign it if you like!)

  • One entry at the Awesome Indies blog will win one free ebook and one free print copy.
  • One random Twitter follower who tweets during the Virtual Release Party will win a free print book with additional entries for each tweet. Tweets must include “@KPtwitrnovel” and the link ““. Re-tweets of my tweets about the Release Party are also entries. Sabrina Ricci
  • One person who completes the “Fabulous Five”, five different ebook-winning activities, will win a paperback. If you did this, please reply below!
  • One person will win a paperback via my Goodreads giveaway. Kay Adkins
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Virtual Release Party Guest: Nadia Riell


Author Nadia Riell was the winner of the Book Title Contest back in June. She won a slot in this Release Party! So, may I present a beloved friend:



Perspectives on Love, Encouragement and Reaching Potential


A Conversational Book of Inspirations by Nadia Riell

Living life whether you’re growing up, already grown up or also in the role of parenting, is certainly not a perfect science.  There isn’t a “one size fits all” formula to follow in order to achieve success or happiness in life, yet most of us want to achieve it. 

So begins this intentionally compact collection that mirrors the short conversations and simple words that can inspire our lives, from children to adults.  As love, friendship, choices and experiences we face impact our world, they are also thought provoking in how we view the world and see ourselves in it.

Refreshing like a quick hug, smile or a pat on the back, this book offers encouragement and joy for reaching potential through life’s lessons, hopes and dreams.


About the Author

Nadia Riell is author of Inspiring Childhood, Inspiring Life, Perspectives on Love, Encouragement and Reaching Potential; as well as an inspirational stories columnist for Also a film and media stylist, Nadia’s worked for companies such as Disney and DreamWorks.She loves discussing stories from culture, films and books, as well as the ever present questions surrounding Sam eating green eggs and ham. Nadia and her family live in Washington State where they spend time enjoying the beach, the outdoors, and good stories.


Visit Nadia’s website: for book and column information.

Contact Information:


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Title Contest Winner!

OK! Decisions! I’m going with my gut (and all your suggestions) and changing the title to “Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic”!

Thanks for all your help! This title is actually one I made up. (Blush!) So I randomly chose from all the entrants for the special post during my launch party (With The winner is Nadia Riell! I will give you the post and the copy of the book.

Thanks again for voting!

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Official Top 5 Titles!

Here are the official top 5 titles!

Accidental Magic

Don’t Judge a Book by its Magic

How to Enchant Friends and Influence Magicians

Children of the Teimnydduus

Vrevzirma is 20/20

Also, here’s an interesting article about Pixar’s story guidelines:

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Book Title Contest Poll

Book synopsis, trailer, and excerpt here: Choose up to 5!

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Book Title Contest: The Entries

Here are all the suggested titles for the Book Title Contest. I will set up the poll for the top 5 next. If yours is missing, be sure to let me know!

Been There, Magicked That, Got the T-Shirt

I Don’t Believe in Magic

Accidental Magic

Vrevzirma is 20/20

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic

Enchanting Friends and Magicians

A Kiss for the Convergence

The Enchantment of the Red Txenar

Children of the Teimnydduus

How to Enchant Friends and Influence Magicians

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Winner of the Book Giveaway!

Congratulations, John Betcher! You’ve won the book giveaway!

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Contest Entry


Yesterday I entered The Silver Collar in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest! Entry is free and there are several stages of entry throughout the year. You can even enter different stories for each stage. Here’s the link:

There is a limit of 1700 words, or I would enter more of my work! The prizes are  $1,000, $750, and $500, with an additional Annual Grand Prize of $5,000!

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Wah Wah Wah :(

I won’t be submitting The Lustre or The Disenchanted Pet to the Amazon Breakthrough Award, because they only accept manuscripts of 50,000 words or more. Neither one has this many, so neither will qualify. Oh well! I guess this is why I self-published! Maybe next year I can finish How to Win Friends and Influence Magicians in time for the contest (and make it longer).

If you were thinking of submitting and your novel is more than 150,000 words, you’re out of luck too. What is this magical number and where did they get it? Why are books that aren’t in that window not even worth their notice? And where is the beef?

Something I am not going to cry about–the prize is a $15,000 advance and by submitting your entry you are agreeing to accept that as your payment. They will negotiate your other payments later and will not promise anything. I wasn’t too in love with that one, not because I hate the idea of $15,000 but that it seems limiting. Call it my indie ‘tude, but should we settle for that much for all the rights to our books? Because that is all they are promising, and if you submit–just submit–you aren’t allowed to benefit from your book in any way until they “release” you by disqualifying you for the next round.

I’m still bummed I can’t enter because I think it is a great opportunity, but on the bright side, I got some great ideas for “pitching” my book! They have a bunch of articles on writing your book pitch and I wrote one for TDP and The Lustre before I found the word count thing.

If any of my bloggers who ARE entering want input on their pitch, feel free to post it in comments or link to your post!

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Interesting, Exciting contest, and my doubts…

I discovered an exciting contest from Amazon yesterday here:  Amazon is going to review book pitches and choose six to be published by Penguin! This is wonderful and I immediately read up on it linked everything, and put some important excerpts into a OneNote notebook. I set up an Astrid task reminder to alert me when to submit because submission opens toward the end of this month.

When all that was done and I had time to mull it over, the doubts set in. Maybe I should wait until next year because…I may not be ready for the work of traditional publishing. I may not want to be published traditionally yet anyway because I love the autonomy of being Indie. My writing may benefit more from a year of waiting. It looks like a lot of work and do I have the time to make it work? Do I want the work that comes from success?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still going to submit something. But it wasn’t a snap decision, partly because I had time to think about it.

What do you think about this contest, and would you enter? Explain. (This will be graded on a curve and late papers will be docked a grade percentage for each late day. :P)


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Trailer Idea Contest for The Lustre

I’ve been puzzling over ideas for a trailer for The Lustre and I’m having trouble coming up with something. So here’s what I’ll do. Post your ideas as a reply to this post or to the book page, based on the synopsis and excerpt. I will make the best one into my trailer and the person who posted it will get a free ebook and print copy of The Lustre as soon as it comes out!
If you don’t have an idea but like one you see on the replies, reply your support of your favorite. I’ll count your replies in my decision.

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