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Seattle author spotlight: Nadia Riell

Seattle author spotlight: Nadia Riell. An Examiner article about a fantastic Seattle writer.

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Virtual Release Party Guest: Nadia Riell


Author Nadia Riell was the winner of the Book Title Contest back in June. She won a slot in this Release Party! So, may I present a beloved friend:



Perspectives on Love, Encouragement and Reaching Potential


A Conversational Book of Inspirations by Nadia Riell

Living life whether you’re growing up, already grown up or also in the role of parenting, is certainly not a perfect science.  There isn’t a “one size fits all” formula to follow in order to achieve success or happiness in life, yet most of us want to achieve it. 

So begins this intentionally compact collection that mirrors the short conversations and simple words that can inspire our lives, from children to adults.  As love, friendship, choices and experiences we face impact our world, they are also thought provoking in how we view the world and see ourselves in it.

Refreshing like a quick hug, smile or a pat on the back, this book offers encouragement and joy for reaching potential through life’s lessons, hopes and dreams.


About the Author

Nadia Riell is author of Inspiring Childhood, Inspiring Life, Perspectives on Love, Encouragement and Reaching Potential; as well as an inspirational stories columnist for Also a film and media stylist, Nadia’s worked for companies such as Disney and DreamWorks.She loves discussing stories from culture, films and books, as well as the ever present questions surrounding Sam eating green eggs and ham. Nadia and her family live in Washington State where they spend time enjoying the beach, the outdoors, and good stories.


Visit Nadia’s website: for book and column information.

Contact Information:


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A New Review of The Disenchanted Pet

My dear friend, Nadia Riell, has reviewed my book! You can find her review here:

Thank you, Nadia! Your feedback, dialogue, and encouragement were an enormous help in writing The Disenchanted Pet, and also in writing The Lustre, coming at the end of February!

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