Goal Setting for Success

Are you someone who makes New Years Resolutions? Do you set personal goals? Well, statistics show that goal setting helps propel you to success!

A great infographic from OnlineEducation.netSetting Goals Infographic

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5 thoughts on “Goal Setting for Success

  1. Kate, this is extremely interesting. Have you decided to set goals for 2013?

    • I don’t go by year. I am more fluid in my goal-setting and follow a more step-by-step approach. Also, a lot of my schedule goes around the kids and the school year, so 2013 starts in September for me 😉 My goal is to finish another book now that Don’t Judge is out, finish the short story Horarium (writer’s block on that), compile another blog ebook for 2012, and possibly start a class in the fall. Gah! That looks huge when I write it down but it’s not unreasonable.

      • Right, though it looks huge, it’s not unreasonable, especially since you plan around the kids’ school year. 2012-2013 is the timeframe, then. Prayers for you do to finish all of this well! I’m considering a kind of blog book, too.

  2. Karon

    Some people have to set goals in order to function; bring order to disorder; and, there are a lot of people who would be far more successful in their lives if they did set short term goals at the very minimum.

    • I liked that even if people don’t achieve all their goals, they achieve more if they at least set them than if they don’t bother.

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