Post-party Analasys

I have mixed feelings about this party. I felt like it was already a success going in because I had so many fantastic participants and because the Kickstarter was a success, so my launch was successful before it happened. Some things didn’t work so great and I know what not to do next time too. Do you have any feedback/advice for me?

Things that worked:

Facebook likes

Goodreads giveaways got me an enormous amount of attention. If I’d known about that before I would have done it long ago. I’m planning a regular giveaway now because of that. 197 people added my book because of the giveaway.

Kickstarter made this a win before it happened.

Lots of great re-tweets on Twitter! Thanks everybody!

Things to do differently:

I did too many posts this time. I’m sorry. I get all gushy when I’m excited and I can be too much. (You should see me hopped up on caffiene.) My plan next time is to spread them out more during the launch week. I think I’ll get a lot more attention for each and lead up to the launch better with more forewarning too.

Bigger isn’t better. I had more to post about this time but it didn’t get me any more views. I’m going to relegate it to 6 posts per day maximum next time.

By Sunday people lost interest, so I’ll probably keep the contests open but stop posting Saturday.

Nobody posted on Facebook

Only a few people liked on Amazon and nobody tagged

Nobody did the “fabulous five” and I thought that was so cool. 😦

Never, ever publish and un-publish on Smashwords before release. I totally lost the “new book” listing because I did that. Big mistake.

I probably shouldn’t have posted about future pricing plans just before the launch. Doh!

Party Sales:

A lot of my launch day sales were eaten up by pre-release sales. This was not a loss and I sold a lot more in pre-sales than I did with the previous book at the release party. I only got 2 sales of Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic during the party though – one ebook and one print book. That was disappointing.

438 people downloaded The Disenchanted Pet free on Kindle and 7 people downloaded The Lustre from Smashwords.

Post view breakdowns:

Title Views
Release Party! 111
Welcome! 35
Home page / Archives 21
Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic 19
Virtual Release Party Begins Now!: Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic 11
Media Kit: Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic 9
You Are Invited: Virtual Release Party for Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic 8
Virtual Release Party Giveaways: Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic 7
Virtual Release Party: AM Day’s Review 5
Virtual Release Party: Review by The Bookworm Extraordinaire 4
Virtual Release Party: The Chapter Photos 3
Virtual Release Party: Rebecca Graf’s Review 3
Virtual Release Party: The Terminology of the Convergence 3
Book Release Ideas 3
Virtual Release Party: New England Muse’s Review 3
What power would you choose? 2
Things That Make a Book Hard to Read 2
Virtual Release Party – Last call for participants 2
Virtual Release Party: Goodreads Giveaway 2
Thank You! 2
Virtual Release Party Guest Artist: Heidi Barnett 2
Virtual Release Party: Free books 2
Virtual Release Party Guest Artist: Matthew Swegsda 2
Virtual Release Party: Free books! 2
Virtual Release Party Guest Book: Lethal Inheritance 2
Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic Release – 1 Week 2
Exclusive IRL Coupon Code Page 2
Virtual Release Party: A Sneak-peek 2
Virtual Release Party: Win on Amazon 1
Virtual Release Party: The 2012 Ebook 1
Book Release Party Oct 26-28 1
Virtual Release Party: Always Free Ebook 1
Virtual Release Party: The Fabulous Five 1
Virtual Release Party: Kathleen Firstenberg 1
Author Blog-in: Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic 1
Virtual Release Party: Tima Maria Lacoba’s review 1
Virtual Release Party: Fox Cutter’s Review 1
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4 thoughts on “Post-party Analasys

  1. But you learned valuable lessons and gained valuable knowledge. To me that is a win for you. It is a lot of work what you just did and also takes a lot of guts. I say bravo to you.

  2. I agree with Muse and to add to that, you teach others along the way as well and that is always winning!

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