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Goodreads Goodies

I had such a great experience with my Goodreads giveaway of Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic, that I just had to give The Disenchanted Pet a go for a giveaway. What a great response already! I’ve sold more than a hundred ebooks on Amazon and a print book too. Why didn’t I try this earlier? Silly!

Here is the Goodreads giveaway of The Disenchanted Pet:


Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Disenchanted Pet by Kate Policani

The Disenchanted Pet

by Kate Policani

Giveaway ends December 01, 2012.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

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Speculative Salon on Writing Magic

Please visit my post on Speculative Salon!

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Virtual Release Party: Free books


Don’t forget to grab all the free books I’m offering this weekend!

In honor of my new release, The Disenchanted Pet ebook will be free on Kindle all weekend! Use coupon HEMNXLSZ at for $5 off the paperback.





In honor of my new release, The Lustre  ebook will be free with coupon WT22J at Smashwords. Use coupon 3U5B5THD at for $5 off the paperback.





Tahlia Newland has graciously supplied her ebook, Run as a giveaway during the release party. Run 20.9.12

The Silver Collar is always free! Be sure to download this short story in all ebook formats:

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Virtual Release Party: The 2012 Ebook


Guest Book: The 2012 Ebook

The 2012 ebook by Sabrina Ricci is an experiment in agile publishing. This new and exciting approach to writing shrugs off the regular finish-edit-publish process and pushes the writing out to the reader as it is being written. Through feedback and comments, readers can affect what the writer writes and help shape the story into a collaborative work.

Sabrina’s story revolves around two plot lines–one follows Mahaway and her best friend Yochi, around 900 A.D. in Calakamul, Mexico. Their city is conquered by a king, and the two friends discover a secret that could destroy his dynasty. The other follows Amara and her roommate Cayden in present day. Amara is a college student researching and writing a feature story to debunk all the Mayan Calendar myth. Her research garners the attention of a secret group sworn to uphold a certain Maya prophecy, and they go on the hunt for her. The story unfolds on Sabrina’s blog, , and using agile publishing she is incorporating comments and private feedback into the storyline as she goes. The result will be a story everyone can enjoy!

Please visit The 2012 Ebook at and join in the creative process.

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Author Blog-in: Europa Rising by Sean MacUisdin


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If I Became a Zombie I’d Moan, “Booookkkssss”

I’d be a terrible zombie because I wouldn’t get any juicy brains, just books.

Yes, I have another book forming! This is the second book in The Convergence series. Yes, I haven’t even released the first book, Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic, but I’ve started the second! It’s called, “Sorcery Loves Company“.

The question now is, which book will I finish first: Sorcery Loves Company or The Stray? It’s really a toss-up because it will depend on which inspires me first.

Hey! If you reply to this post with your guess as to which I finish first and you’re right, I’ll send you a free print copy when it’s released!

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New Review: Drayling by Terry J. Newman


by Terry J. Newman

Genre: Science Fiction

Read my review here: Continue reading

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New Review: Revolussion by Kathy Bell


by Kathy Bell

Genre: Technothriller, Science Fiction

Read my review here:

Dawn Ingram, Peter Merten and the Three Eleven team have worked for decades to prepare for November 11, 2011, even though they did not know what they were preparing for. Now that the future has arrived, they face an enemy unlike anything they have imagined, and find help from places they never dreamt of.

Join Nicholas Weaver, Stew Singleton, Avery and Ashton Hansen and Dawn Ingram as they fight the advance of the Effigee by using the alien technology against the aliens themselves. When the invaders arrive, an ancient device gives Dawn and the plumans the final edge to win the war…but at what cost?

Buy on Amazon

Kathy is making a foray into Fantasy with her next book, Synergy 2012! Keep an eye out for it!

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New Review: Merlin’s Wood by Anne Hamilton

Merlin’s Wood

By Anne Hamilton

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult

Read my review here:

All his life Reece has ignored the stories told by his grandmother about his namesake, Merlin, the enchanter who belonged to King Arthur’s court. He’s got absolutely no interest in fanciful legends about magicians who live backwards in time. He’s concerned with facts, not fantasy, science not magic. So as soon as talk turns to the ancient title, vast estates and ancestral castle she keeps insisting he’s going to inherit one day, he turns his mind to the experiments he’s conducting in an old hollow oak. It’s Reece’s ambition to grow up to become the first scientist to create a genuine time machine.

Fortunately, Reece’s sister, Holly, has been paying a bit more attention to gran’s wildly fantastic tales. A mysterious explosion catapults the twins across interstellar space, stranding them on another planet. They find themselves in the heart of an alien civilisation where their survival depends on an aloof and enigmatic protector they’re not entirely sure they can rely on. As they start to communicate with Tamizel, they realise how differently their bickering relationship is viewed by the glittering court of Dreamfall. In a world facing two dark perils – one within, one without – hope is reborn. It doesn’t matter that Holly and Reece are armed only with a water pistol, sharp tongues and a curious shape-shifting necklace. The people of Dreamfall come to believe that they are deliverers descended from the stars. Holly begins to appreciate how truly fragile trust is and how easily it can be destroyed. Eventually, both she and Reece learn what it really means to live ‘backwards in time’.

Buy Merlin’s Wood here:

About the Author:

“For over thirty years, I taught mathematics in high schools across Australia and New Zealand. I now work part-time for UCB Australia as a creative writer. I am the Australian sub-editor for The Word for Today and word4U2day.

I also work in a freelance capacity for several small publishers as an editor and proof-reader. My specialities are Hebrew thought in the area of non-fiction, plus fantasy in fiction. I am currently the President of Omega Writers Inc, a support group for authors who specialise in faith-inspired work.

To the despair of my publishers who would like me to develop a consistent readership, I write both fiction and non-fiction. The only common thread in both is their numerical literary style, a fusion of words and mathematics that is as beautiful and old as the first written stories.

Naturally I’m using this unique style right now! It’s irresistible given my passion for words and numbers.”

~ Anne Hamilton

For more info on Anne and her books, visit her site:

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A New Wattpad Short Story: Horarium


Genre: Science Fiction

This  is another new story, I’ve just begun on Wattpad for use as a free short story. When finished, I will post it many other places for free reading.


Two teens fall prey to the deadly Horarium Virus, which kills the infected within 11 months. Banished to the Quarantine Zone, they meet and find love within tragedy,. They also learn profound truths about life and humanity as they face impending death.

Cover photo by Pedro Simao


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New Review: Evolussion by Kathy Bell


by Kathy Bell

Genre: Science Fiction, Technothriller

Read my review of Evolussion here:

Nicholas Weaver has spent ten lifetimes trying to save humanity, and the woman he loves, from annihilation, but grows weary of the effort. This eleventh hour attempt will be his last, and the secrets of time travel will die with him. When he awakens shortly before cataclysm is due to happen, he is exhilarated to see the world of 2011 is nothing like those lost to disaster, and hope builds anew as he begins his search for the love of his first life, Hope.

Dawn Ingram and Peter Merten, leaders of global power Three Eleven, keep secret not only the birth of their daughter Hope, but the heritage she hides inside her cells just like her brothers before her. But when a chance discovery on a moon of Jupiter brings to life the forces within, her parents and the world she lives in are driven to their limits searching for the key to protecting not only humans, but also the new species of human secreted within the ranks of megacorporation Three Eleven.

Nicholas Weaver, rebel leader Lavrentios Alexopolous, and conspiracy theorist Stew Singleton find themselves working against the superpower when in reality, they are fighting on the same side-against time.

But it seems the fate of the planet might be out of their hands.

Buy on Amazon

Visit Kathy’s blog

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New Review: The Warden War by D.L. Morrese

The Warden War

by D.L. Morrese

Genre: Science Fiction

Read my new review at

Or you can just go buy the book!

Paperback Edition:
E-book Editions: & NobleSmashwords

Author’s website:

The Warden War continues the quest begun by Prince Donald in The Warden Threat. His father, King Leonard of Westgrove, has been told that the neighboring kingdom of Gotrox has discovered a magical means to animate a mysterious and gigantic ancient stone warrior, the Warden of Mystic Defiance, which it plans to use it to spearhead an invasion of his country. Donald is convinced this is a hoax carefully crafted by his father’s chief adviser to bring about a war to gain control of Gotroxian resources. Donald is determined to thwart him. It will not be easy. Chief Adviser Horace Barter has resources, connections, influence, and the almost unquestioned trust of the king. Donald, sadly, has none of these. What the young prince does have is a nominal position with the diplomatic team being sent to Gotrox and the companionship of a few rather unique friends including a pair of 15,000-year-old androids, one of which is a dog–or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

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The Disenchanted Pet on Kindle Select!

I decided to enroll The Disenchanted Pet in Kindle Select! I’ve had no sales to hurt for a while, so I just clicked the “enroll” button a few minutes ago. Soon all the Amazon Prime folks should be saving a dollar reading my stuff! Right?

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New Review: The Disenchanted Pet

Big thanks to Laura Pfundt, the Quillwielder, for her review of The Disenchanted Pet! See it here:

It’s also posted here!

I just have to link all my great reviewers!


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New Review:The Warden Threat: Book #1 of Defying Fate

The Warden Threat, Book #1 of Defying Fate

by D.L. Morrese

Genre: Science Fiction

See my new review of The Warden Threat here:

Or you can just go buy it here:

Buy on Amazon: (ASIN: B005MAWTUM)

Buy on Smashwords: (free using Coupon Code ST74N) (ISBN: 9781466105966)

Buy at Barnes & Noble:

Author’s Website:

See on Goodreads:

Excerpt from the book: 

From the back of his mount, Donald saw another group of peasants gathering this year’s potato crop from the dry, cracked soil. Sweat dripped from their greasy hair and stained their worn and patched clothing. “Find out about the commoners,” his mother had told him. “They are our people and it is our duty to see to their needs.” What many of them needed most, an involuntary thought suggested, was a bath, and he immediately felt guilty for it. The Faith taught that the gods determined the fate everyone. If this was so, these peasants could no more change their role in life than he could, as much as he might like to, and he felt guilty for this thought as well.

The people toiling in the field to the right of the dust covered road looked up briefly as Prince Donald and his guide passed. The prince lifted a gloved hand to wave in what he thought was a regal manner. A young girl waved back briefly before returning to her knees, plunging her dirt covered hands into the soil.

His guide stopped unexpectedly after another mile and stooped to examine the road. Donald reined in his serviceable but otherwise unimpressive mount. “What do you see, Kwestor?”

The ranger replied in a slow monotone. “Dirt, mostly. And a pair of wheel ruts.” The older man’s heavy, well-traveled cloak hung limply on his shoulders in the still air, hiding his movements from his current employer. “Probably a farm wagon but I could make up something more exciting if it would make you feel better.”

This wasn’t the first time Kwestor teased him about his not so secret desire for adventure. Donald wasn’t naive enough to think they might encounter dragons or evil wizards. He knew the stories in his library back at the castle were fiction but he still held out some hope for the possibility of finding a damsel in distress in need of rescue by a brave and heroic prince. Just once would be enough. Then he could go back to Greatbridge and fulfill his duty as the nominal head of whatever noble cause the queen might find worthy of the third son of a king.

Without standing, the scout looked up from the road, held up two fingers and motioned to the right toward a thick patch of woods.

“What is it?” Donald asked anxiously. “Are there two brigands waiting ahead in the woods?”

“No”, Kwestor replied without turning. He drew out the single word, delivering it slowly and deliberately, his voice hinting at some underlying sadness or perhaps disappointment. “I’m going over there to take a poop.”

The staggeringly mundane nature of what the man said shocked the prince for a moment. A simple statement about an act so routine it was seldom commented upon smashed through the prince’s worldview like a brick through a stained glass window. He found himself lost for words but felt he must make some sort of reply. Eventually he blurted out, “You’re a rather crude man aren’t you?”

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