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New Review: Revolussion by Kathy Bell


by Kathy Bell

Genre: Technothriller, Science Fiction

Read my review here:

Dawn Ingram, Peter Merten and the Three Eleven team have worked for decades to prepare for November 11, 2011, even though they did not know what they were preparing for. Now that the future has arrived, they face an enemy unlike anything they have imagined, and find help from places they never dreamt of.

Join Nicholas Weaver, Stew Singleton, Avery and Ashton Hansen and Dawn Ingram as they fight the advance of the Effigee by using the alien technology against the aliens themselves. When the invaders arrive, an ancient device gives Dawn and the plumans the final edge to win the war…but at what cost?

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Kathy is making a foray into Fantasy with her next book, Synergy 2012! Keep an eye out for it!

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New Review: Evolussion by Kathy Bell


by Kathy Bell

Genre: Science Fiction, Technothriller

Read my review of Evolussion here:

Nicholas Weaver has spent ten lifetimes trying to save humanity, and the woman he loves, from annihilation, but grows weary of the effort. This eleventh hour attempt will be his last, and the secrets of time travel will die with him. When he awakens shortly before cataclysm is due to happen, he is exhilarated to see the world of 2011 is nothing like those lost to disaster, and hope builds anew as he begins his search for the love of his first life, Hope.

Dawn Ingram and Peter Merten, leaders of global power Three Eleven, keep secret not only the birth of their daughter Hope, but the heritage she hides inside her cells just like her brothers before her. But when a chance discovery on a moon of Jupiter brings to life the forces within, her parents and the world she lives in are driven to their limits searching for the key to protecting not only humans, but also the new species of human secreted within the ranks of megacorporation Three Eleven.

Nicholas Weaver, rebel leader Lavrentios Alexopolous, and conspiracy theorist Stew Singleton find themselves working against the superpower when in reality, they are fighting on the same side-against time.

But it seems the fate of the planet might be out of their hands.

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