Virtual Release Party: The 2012 Ebook


Guest Book: The 2012 Ebook

The 2012 ebook by Sabrina Ricci is an experiment in agile publishing. This new and exciting approach to writing shrugs off the regular finish-edit-publish process and pushes the writing out to the reader as it is being written. Through feedback and comments, readers can affect what the writer writes and help shape the story into a collaborative work.

Sabrina’s story revolves around two plot lines–one follows Mahaway and her best friend Yochi, around 900 A.D. in Calakamul, Mexico. Their city is conquered by a king, and the two friends discover a secret that could destroy his dynasty. The other follows Amara and her roommate Cayden in present day. Amara is a college student researching and writing a feature story to debunk all the Mayan Calendar myth. Her research garners the attention of a secret group sworn to uphold a certain Maya prophecy, and they go on the hunt for her. The story unfolds on Sabrina’s blog, , and using agile publishing she is incorporating comments and private feedback into the storyline as she goes. The result will be a story everyone can enjoy!

Please visit The 2012 Ebook at and join in the creative process.

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