New Review: Merlin’s Wood by Anne Hamilton

Merlin’s Wood

By Anne Hamilton

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult

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All his life Reece has ignored the stories told by his grandmother about his namesake, Merlin, the enchanter who belonged to King Arthur’s court. He’s got absolutely no interest in fanciful legends about magicians who live backwards in time. He’s concerned with facts, not fantasy, science not magic. So as soon as talk turns to the ancient title, vast estates and ancestral castle she keeps insisting he’s going to inherit one day, he turns his mind to the experiments he’s conducting in an old hollow oak. It’s Reece’s ambition to grow up to become the first scientist to create a genuine time machine.

Fortunately, Reece’s sister, Holly, has been paying a bit more attention to gran’s wildly fantastic tales. A mysterious explosion catapults the twins across interstellar space, stranding them on another planet. They find themselves in the heart of an alien civilisation where their survival depends on an aloof and enigmatic protector they’re not entirely sure they can rely on. As they start to communicate with Tamizel, they realise how differently their bickering relationship is viewed by the glittering court of Dreamfall. In a world facing two dark perils – one within, one without – hope is reborn. It doesn’t matter that Holly and Reece are armed only with a water pistol, sharp tongues and a curious shape-shifting necklace. The people of Dreamfall come to believe that they are deliverers descended from the stars. Holly begins to appreciate how truly fragile trust is and how easily it can be destroyed. Eventually, both she and Reece learn what it really means to live ‘backwards in time’.

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About the Author:

“For over thirty years, I taught mathematics in high schools across Australia and New Zealand. I now work part-time for UCB Australia as a creative writer. I am the Australian sub-editor for The Word for Today and word4U2day.

I also work in a freelance capacity for several small publishers as an editor and proof-reader. My specialities are Hebrew thought in the area of non-fiction, plus fantasy in fiction. I am currently the President of Omega Writers Inc, a support group for authors who specialise in faith-inspired work.

To the despair of my publishers who would like me to develop a consistent readership, I write both fiction and non-fiction. The only common thread in both is their numerical literary style, a fusion of words and mathematics that is as beautiful and old as the first written stories.

Naturally I’m using this unique style right now! It’s irresistible given my passion for words and numbers.”

~ Anne Hamilton

For more info on Anne and her books, visit her site:

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2 thoughts on “New Review: Merlin’s Wood by Anne Hamilton

  1. Hi Kate
    Thanks so much for this review! The second edition of my most recent book – God’s Poetry: The Identity and Destiny Encoded in Your Name – is coming out in a few days. (I’m trying not to bug my publisher for a deadline.) All subscribers to my blog are going in a special draw to win a copy. So please sign up if you’d like to take part. Although it’s non-fiction, it’s got a major chapter on names in fantasy.

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