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Self-publishing Resources Should Be Free!

I was looking up some marketing ideas, so I’ll post them here for you. There are tons of them, but here are some with good ideas/ideas I hadn’t heard of before:

These are good lists of things to do for marketing a self-published book. Truthfully, some of these sound less pleasent than going to the dentist, but an author’s gotta do what an author’s gotta do.

And here are some more good links I found while cleaning up my “Favorites”!

How to self-publish well (good stuff!):

What is a virtual book tour? How do I do it?’s list, making this a list within a list:

All of these were good resources for me as a self-publisher. Marketing is so scary and this thing is so complicated that any filter you can get, such as a kind bloggers site with links, is wonderful. And it should all be free because we authors almost always start with nothing.

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The Disenchanted Pet Is Available on Smashwords!

I just posted The Disenchanted Pet on Smashwords for all your ebook needs!

My link takes you to copies for nearly any ebook reader you could use, including PC and web format. Good stuff!

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Loving Amazon Associates!

I have to say that Amazon Associates ROCKS! I get paid to advertise my own book, something I would be doing anyway. Anybody selling their own stuff on Amazon NEEDS to sign up with Amazon Associates. (They already have all your info anyway.)

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The Marketing Idea

I got the decals and tried them out! What do you think?

I heart My SaSaI got the decals for my inkjet printer from Office Depot. It was kind of a pain to get them because they were out of stock in most of the stores in my area. They also don’t always print the first time and simulate a paper jam, ruining the first half-inch of the paper. Blue ink for the words did not work well.

My plan is to give these to anyone who reviews my book on Amazon and emails me with their Amazon name (so I can read their review) and address to send to.

I also got some iron-on transfer for cloth also, and I’m not sure what to make out of them except T-shirts. A book bag maybe? Bookmarks would be cool too.

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Things I Learned Yesterday About Amazon

  1. Hunt for your book using the top search bar, using your book’s category every day, two or three times, and select it when you find it. The more times it is chosen from that list, the higher it will appear.
    Thank you Traci Hilton (tracihilton)!
  2. Once you have a book for sale, you need to use Amazon AuthorCentral to advertize yourself as an author!
  3. You can use the Amazon Associates Program to make money while you promote your own book on your own website! (Plus other things)
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Some Marketing Fun!

I wanted some kind of little gift to give my friends who have supported me in my goal of publishing my own work. These are some ideas for window decals. What do you think? I’d love to read your comments!

Window Cling

Window Cling 2

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Megan Michaelis Photography Shout-out!

I want to post a special thanks to Megan Michaelis and her beautiful headshots of me! Working with her was a pleasure and she took some fantastic photos. She was extremely accomodating, allowing me to take my headshots along with my family photo session, and I really appreciate that.
Thanks again, Megan!!/MeganMichaelisPhoto?sk=info

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