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Choosing how to publish

Choosing how to publish. An Examiner article about questions every author must answer.

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Putting your best words forward

What impression are you leaving?

What impression are you leaving?

I have to tell you something you’ve probably already heard before, but if you haven’t it could save your writing career. As an author, you need to put your best foot forward. This sounds simple and even trite, but it isn’t always easy to do.

I get lots of review requests lately, which I love! In one author’s review request, the synopsis was disjointed. There was no flow to the description of the book. Unfortunately it was also filled with grammar errors and even included a mistake by the author in pasting the synopsis in the email. Needless to say, I was not eager to read the book. The subject sounded interesting, but the mistakes scared me away.

Authors rely on those short pieces of our work to open the door to new readers. If the only chance we might have to gain a reader scares them away instead of drawing them in, we aren’t going to enjoy much success.

When you send your book to your editor, include a page or two with your synopsis, acknowledgments, author bio, and any other advertising info that goes along with your book. These are just as important as the body of the writing. Most editors will gladly include these in your editing, because their reputation is invested in your book almost as much as yours is.

When people point out errors in your book, your blurb, your website, or wherever, LISTEN. Of course, you should check on their accuracy. But they may be helping you. Never mistake a technical correction for a personal attack. Unless you are writing about grammar, a criticism of your grammar can only help you.

If you laugh off someone’s criticism and feel like it’s no big deal, then you are also laughing off your own success. Take them seriously, even if they are wrong. If you don’t take their advice, it’s appropriate to tell them why.

I have received criticism for my writing as well, and some helped me to fix major mistakes in my work. Others were a matter of preference rather than correctness, and others still were items that I had discussed with my editor and deferred to her judgment. Still, I explained these to the person kind enough to point them out.

Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes Microsoft Word seems possessed, deleting important bits and allowing strange mistakes to remain after I thought I deleted them. We understand that. Just know that a stranger will view their first glimpse at your writing as your best.

If you treat your writing like an unimportant hobby, that’s how it will stay. Nobody is interested in rocketing you to fame when you don’t really care. To succeed as a writer you have to approach it as a business with all the professionalism required by a job. Even more, it’s a sales job, so your audience’s first look might be your only shot. Make that shot a bulls-eye!

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Author Blog-in: It’s not too late!

It’s not too late to sign up TODAY (Nov 16) for the author blog-in! I know you last-minute cats out there like to jump in when the ride starts. Jump! Post about your book and email me at katepolicani(at) to grab one of those extra slots!

For you rockin’ authors who have signed up, don’t forget to send me your post link if you haven’t already! I want to be sure we all get our books shared.

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Book Release Ideas

Book Release Ideas. An Examiner article.

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Virtual Release Party – Last call for participants

If you were thinking…

of participating in the Virtual Release Party – starting in 2 days, please let me know by the end of the day. I need a little time to get your posts ready, after all! After 8pm Pacific, I’ll no longer be taking new guests for the party.

If you are participating but you aren’t listed on the Party Page, please let me know right away so I can be sure you’re included.

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Self-publishing : What an author should and shouldn’t do

Self-publishing : What an author should and shouldn’t do.

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Book Promotion Companies – Update 10/3

It’s been a while without a lot of new responses. I have a few new entries, and I’m going to try to make this guy fit in the window. Rosa Sophia, please let me know if it’s still cut off for you!

**These ratings for book marketing companies are all based strictly on customer experience and opinion. This is a running list and I will be happy to add other customer opinions of book marketing companies to this list. To include your ratings, please comment on this post or email me at katepolicani@gmail (dot) com.

Company Name Type of service Pass? Costs Comments
99 cent Network Listing Fail $45 No obvious return for money and no visibility of book on site. No answers to emails inquiring about where to find the book
AtoMr Book Blog Tours Tours, Book Buzz Pass $99 Did ” an awesome job” “super happy with the results” “booked blogs that get awesome traffic and have a lot of avid readers”
Bewitch-ing Blog Tours Tours Fail “half the people who signed up didn’t post and only 3 did reviews even though it was supposed to be 15”
Book-Daily Listing Fail $49 “amount of sales doesn’t seem to be worth cost”
Book-Whirl SCAM Fail  Scam Report
Goddess Fish Promos Tour Reviews Neut. $30 “didn’t break even” but supplied publicity
Inno-vative Online Book Tours / Reading Addiction Tours,  Amazon Reviews Fail $100 “A big flop, didn’t follow through as they had promised” “Three blogs didn’t post at all. The ones

who did post had very low followings, and NONE of them posted their review on amazon. Lame excuses from staff.” Bloggers posted ebook giveaway when customer didn’t offer them/wrong day. The ones who did post the correct giveaway all posted separate rafflecopter forms, preventing a fair winner or forcing customer to send 20 prize packs

“Hasn’t given me any sales OR amazon reviews. Stay away from them.”

Kindle Daily Nation Listings Fail $160 “no results” (used to be great but saturated with too many books)
Kindle Promo Indie Book Listing Service Tweets Pass £15 “actively promotes books”
Nurture Your Books Tour, Promo, Nat. Press Release Fail $995 Paid for services and “nothing happened” Multiple calls and emails got no reponse. Emails to everyone in the company finally got a response and offer  of the book tour but couldn’t make the other person contact me. Customer resorted to refund through the credit card company.
Orange-berry Summer Splash Tour Tours TBA $25 TBA
Partners in Crime Tours TBA  TBA
Pump Up Your Book Tours Fail Ripoff Report
Promo. Book Tours Tours, Release parties Pass x2 Facebook Page Increased by 700 fans, Twitter increased by 450 Follows, newsletter increased by 150, “booked blogs that get awesome traffic and have a lot of avid readers”
Shades of Rose YA Tours Fail $7.50, $15 Newer company with small following, had trouble filling tours, do refund when cannot fill tour.
Sizzling PR Tours Pass -1

Fail -1

$15 -$75 “Nice people and very affordable.”

“90% of the blogs were adult blogs/romance/erotica for a YA book”

Smith Publicity Var. Neut. “Stellar results, high prices.”
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Today is My Day! Last Day for Blog-in September!

Thank you for visiting the Blog-in and extra thanks to our wonderful authors participating! Don’t forget to sign up for October’s Author Blog-in! Please visit my book, The Disenchanted Pet, on these awesome blogs:

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Author Blog-in: The End of the World Sucks by Sharon Trembley

Author Blog-In: End of the World Sucks

Sharon’s such a good sport that I read and reviewed her book just for the Blog-in! Read it here:


The End of the World Sucks by Sharon Trembley

This is a genre blender book that might be compared to Lord of the Flies meets Let the Right One In in a post-zombie apocalyptic world. Don’t worry though, it’s about the people even though there are elements of horror.

Zombies, a Vampire, or her fellow Man – Which is most likely to kill Vanna Ames? Who can she trust?

After surviving a whole month past the End of the World by hiding and staying quiet, recent college graduate and fashion retail employee, Vanna, luckily finds others who have gathered together as a community for their mutual survival on a college campus.

Although claiming to be a democratic society, tempers become frayed, decisions defy logic, and rules are broken. Further emboldened by the lack of society and law, some even gain a sense of entitlement because they are self-labeled heroes.

Now that all the rules have changed, a vampire arrives with a deal – his help for blood. An equally beneficial offer or a Faustian bargain?

As the community’s flaws grow, Vanna must decide whether to stick with her own kind in relative safety, or reject their community service nightmare, risk her life, and appeal to a vampire who claims his only interest is human blood.

And for the Author Blog In, here’s an excerpt to give a better idea of Vanna’s character because she is a character.  This occurs after Vanna hears gun shots early in the book and goes for a walk to find out what happened –

When she reached a point where two rolls of chain-link were joined together with some twisted wire, Vanna saw her. If she had seen that dress before, she would have remembered.
Muumuus were made for a woman of this size. Displaying a cheery, floral print provided no slimming effects, but proudly declared big and beautiful. Along with the turquoise, orange, and pink poly-blend tent, she also wore a pair of nude knee highs, and filthy, pink terry scuff slippers, and large, turquoise-colored plastic earrings with a matching chunky bracelet.
The woman had fallen on her side facing the fence, and like most of the corpses, her eyes remained forever open. Vanna thought the zombies didn’t blink, so that might be why their eyes turned that spotty white color.
Even with a visible gunshot wound to her face, Vanna could see the trivial details that further defined who this used to be. The woman’s short, not-so-natural blond hair was arranged into a crown of curlsframing her face. She also had heavy blue eye shadow still caked all the way up to her plucked, then redrawn with brown pencil, eyebrows.
Her lower face was grimy, Vanna couldn’t confirm her expectation of coordinating lipstick to match her screaming pink nail polish, brightly visible on the tips of her dirt-caked fingers from a distance. Vanna’sconstant fearful imagination made the gunk smeared on the zombie’s lips still appear fresh, wet and red, when she knew it had been there for weeks.

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More Social Media for Bloggers

On my latest foray into blogging success, I found some more social media sites that bloggers can use to promote their blog. I know. Do I really need more of this? Well I’m trying it, since promoting my blog is also promoting my books. This seems like Facebook for your blog page. You discover and follow others on the site based on their blog. I’m not sure of the value of it yet. I have a lot of  “followers” simply by signing up but they don’t seem to have anything in common with what I blog about. I think the idea is to browse for blogs through their site and connect that way. Three blog views have come my way through Bloggers in the past month.

StumbleUpon: Take note of what you like on the web. That’s what this is. It’s a like and share generator for websites. It’s simple and elegant. I haven’t seen any views yet since I started it. You can plug it in to your WordPress site.

Tumblr: Tumblr is similar to Stumble Upon except that you can syndicate your own blog through it. It has lots more features, too, none of which I have used yet. You can add pictures and other content to your existing posts too. Are you starting to see a pattern of replicating work. Yep, me too. You can also plug Tumblr into your WordPress site.

Digg: They should call it “Ditto”. Digg is all about reading blogs and letting everyone know you read them. You can mark blogs down on your “reading list”. I need a nap.

Reddit: Reddit looks like a site made in the 1990’s and never upgraded for style. You can’t link to your own blog, but you can share your own posts. Manually. It’s supposed to plug into WordPress, but I haven’t seen any indication it works unless someone hits the “Reddit” button about one of your posts. You can also do a “search”.

Here is blogger John Rampton’s suggestion on being a top blogger:

If anyone has any awesome tips on these or any other social media sites, I’d love to hear them.

No, I don’t know this girl. It’s just a fun pic.


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Book Marketing Companies Poll

Let me know what you think of book marketing companies you have used. I couldn’t find any comprehensive rating online, so I decided to make one!

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A List of Indie Book Reviewers – D.L. Morrese

I got back on that horse that threw me and sent my review request to ten reviewers! This is the list I’ve been working with. Thanks again to DL For this great resource!

D.L. Morrese

Last week I posted about the importance of book reviews and I promised to provide a list. After data mining the internet, I found 87 sites that review indie books. The list of those is provided below. I have not queried all of these. Some are not applicable to my genre. Some are closed for new submissions, and others I simply have not had time to contact yet. Since I had the data, though, I’m sharing it because others may find it helpful.

One thing to keep in mind when contacting prospective reviewers is to be mindful of their submission requirements. If they only review Romance, don’t ask them to review your Fantasy novel. If they want a synopsis, provide it. If they want the first three chapters, send them. There is no “standard” format. Each review site will have different requirements. These reviewers are doing indie writers a favor…

View original post 1,052 more words

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The Fantastic Freebie!

I’ve said it before and I felt it deserved its own post: The free sample is the best free advertising an author can get!

Since posting it, I’ve given away 376 download copies of my fantasy short story, The Silver Collar on Smashwords, and had 692 reads on Wattpad. This doesn’t include all the other places I’ve posted it. I haven’t been able to make it free on Amazon yet, partially because people are still buying it! I don’t understand that, but OK.

I’m also currently working on Horarium, a sci-fi short story, and posting on Wattpad as I go. I’m enjoying this kind of work and reaching readers along the way.

My hubby had a fabulous idea about the freebie, too.  (He has lots of those) After my free story, I include information for the reader to find my other works. I even included an excerpt from my upcoming book at the end of the story.

Here is my list of places I’ve posted The Silver Collar:

Do you have a freebie? How has it worked out for you?

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Inner Dialogue and Book Promotion

Hmm, she thought. How am I going to promote my book?

In addition to my constant perplexity about promoting my book, I came upon a writing issue that is not resolved! In writing my short story Horarium for Wattpad, I wanted to write someone’s inner dialogue and realized I wasn’t sure how to do that. Neither is the writing world, it seems. You can choose to put quotes in or you can write in italics. But nobody has convinced me that either way is the right way.

Here is a link about it:

I chose for myself. What do you think?

Also, I found a great link about book promotion from an author who feels pretty much the same way I do about book promotion. She has a timeline of her book there that I really appreciate seeing. She also found the best promotion was the free material she offered!

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Thank You For Sharing!

Thank you, authors, for sharing your books! Thank you, readers, for visiting and giving us a chance to share our work with you!

I’ll start another Blog-in August 10th! Sign up anytime. All the details are on the Blog-in page:

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