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I got back on that horse that threw me and sent my review request to ten reviewers! This is the list I’ve been working with. Thanks again to DL For this great resource!

D.L. Morrese

Last week I posted about the importance of book reviews and I promised to provide a list. After data mining the internet, I found 87 sites that review indie books. The list of those is provided below. I have not queried all of these. Some are not applicable to my genre. Some are closed for new submissions, and others I simply have not had time to contact yet. Since I had the data, though, I’m sharing it because others may find it helpful.

One thing to keep in mind when contacting prospective reviewers is to be mindful of their submission requirements. If they only review Romance, don’t ask them to review your Fantasy novel. If they want a synopsis, provide it. If they want the first three chapters, send them. There is no “standard” format. Each review site will have different requirements. These reviewers are doing indie writers a favor…

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2 thoughts on “A List of Indie Book Reviewers – D.L. Morrese

  1. Thanks for the reblog, Kate. I will caution that this is not something I’m keeping updated. It was current as of March when I posted it, though. Be sure to check the review sites to see if they’re accepting requests.

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