Book Marketing Companies Poll

Let me know what you think of book marketing companies you have used. I couldn’t find any comprehensive rating online, so I decided to make one!

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7 thoughts on “Book Marketing Companies Poll

  1. I paid $45 to the 99Cent Network and saw my book for 2 days on their site. After that I couldn’t find it and they never replied to my email requesting help finding it. I was supposed to get on their list for 3 months. One star for the two days I got (and no sales).

  2. Great idea, Kate. I’m curious to know that myself, as I’m in the same position. I’ve seen a lot of marketing done by Kindlepromo. You could give them a try.

  3. Being pre-published, I can’t weigh in here, but I look forward to seeing the results and taking notes!

  4. I think this might have to be an ongoing re-post because there don’t seem to be many people with any experiences.

  5. Desmond Belle

    Good afternoon, Ive been called from a marketing company called BookBlast Marketing, anyone ever heard of them, Ive heard of Book-Bub but not bookblast… tried finding something about them everywhere only have there websight… not on your list anyone????

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